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Full Transcript

💖 Introduction


Welcome to the GRACED Podcast, a space where we talk about everyday magic for your everyday life. Today’s guest is Aubrey Houdeshell, a professional tarot reader, astrologer, and shadow worker through her business, Graveyard Roses.

She is also the creator and writer of the Oracle of Pluto deck, which we’ll talk more about in today’s episode. We dive deep into the transformative power of Pluto, what it means in each house, And how you can use the power of Pluto in your own life.

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Now, let’s dive into today’s episode.

✨ Interview Begins with Aubrey Houdeshell

Grace: Hi, Aubrey. Welcome to the podcast.

Aubrey: Hi, Grace. Thank you so much for having me on. I’m super excited to be here.

Grace: Yeah, likewise. So I’ve got your deck, the Oracle of Pluto, and actually pulled a card for myself today. It’s the Hermit Crab. We happen to be recording during Virgo season, and I’m really feeling this energy. Can you tell us more about the influence of Pluto and how we can use that in our lives?

Aubrey: Yeah, so Pluto is probably the planet I work with the most closely in my own astrological practice. It’s a lifelong journey that we go on with Pluto, and it really represents this kind of deep karmic wound that we all possess, right?

And ultimately what we are searching for in our Plutonian journey is empowerment. But it’s this very cyclical process that we go through when we’re working with Pluto where we return to the same themes over and over, depending on wherever it is that Pluto sits in your birth chart, and ideally what happens is that each time we kind of circle back to these same themes.

We are peeling back a layer and there’s like this more beautiful, resplendent, empowered version of ourself that emerges. And then of course we also have transiting Pluto in our charts which like does various different things. And so we created this deck in a very timely fashion where we’re having this transition between Capricorn and Aquarius with Pluto and it’s bouncing back and forth and we’re all going to begin like a new collective journey over the next 20 years with Pluto in Aquarius and ideally we are using the Oracle of Pluto deck to engage in our own sort of process of shadow work which is ultimately what Pluto entails, and again, in order to find that empowerment and maybe also defining what that looks like for ourselves through that process.

Grace: Yeah, so would you say that it takes an entire Pluto cycle to be reborn, or is it like a yearly thing? What does it look like to work with Pluto?

Aubrey: So everything about Pluto is very slow. In our own natal charts, it is a lifelong journey that we embark upon when we speak about our static Pluto placement.

And then wherever we see the journey of Pluto, it’s multifold, right? Ultimately, there is a, for example, with Capricorn, where it’s been in Capricorn for the past decade and a half. There’s a journey that you have been going on for the past decade and a half that will come to its peak or culmination or ending once Pluto has left Capricorn for the final time.

However, to think that we only go through one cycle during that time and only do one thing, is not true, right? We visit again, we’re like visiting these themes over and over, so it becomes this thread that kind of gets woven in our lives throughout the entirety of that Plutonian cycle, and depending on placements you have in your chart or the different things that are transpiring.

You could go through innumerable lives and deaths and rebirths or maybe only go through a few of them, right? So it’s kind of a subjective experience in that way, but definitely I think we go through Plutonian cycles all the time in our life.

Grace: Yeah, I’m sure we see that collectively show up as well, and I find that when we’re on the journey of healing and uncovering these wounds, when we revisit these wounds, I think a matter of telling if you have healed it is how you manage your reaction of whether it triggers you or not.

So it doesn’t ever actually go away. It’s just like you noticing within yourself if you’ve changed towards what would normally trigger you externally.

Aubrey: I completely agree with that. Yes. That’s perfectly put.

Grace: Yeah. So I have Pluto natally in my 6th House and I feel like it’s been a lifelong struggle for me to find the right routine or ritual and that’s why I’m like obsessed with it.

Everyday magic is like what I want to create for myself and I’m always like looking for the I think the perfect routine or whatever and it’s just you know a constant falling away and coming back and falling away and coming into acceptance that there is no perfect routine or ritual.

So, I’m wondering if you could walk us through what Pluto means in each house and how we can work with that energy.

Aubrey: Yeah, absolutely. And actually, I love what you said about trying to find the perfect routine with your Pluto in the 6th House because that’s so what it’s about. It’s trying to find the daily situation for yourself that really works for you. And also, I think, acknowledging that as you grow, evolve, and change, your definition of what the daily routine is and what you need will also change.

Absolutely, we can run through all of the houses very quickly. I could talk about this for a thousand years, but I will try to keep it as succinct as humanly possible.

✨ Pluto in the 1st House

Aubrey: When we see Pluto in the 1st House. Okay, the 1st House is the house of the self. It’s where we’re really looking at our identity. Every other house in the chart deals with everything and everyone else, where the 1st House is the only house that’s just you. People who have their Pluto in the 1st House, and also, I will say, any planets and points that we see in the 1st House are very likely.

Up front, for other people to see, we’re openly embodying the energy of those planets. And so, without fail, everybody that has their Pluto in the 1st House is very intense. And that’s usually a word that gets used to describe them, maybe a word they use to describe themselves. That’s because Pluto is intense, right? They may very much embody that kind of obsessive nature of Pluto as well.

Grace: And definitely influence By Scorpio too, right?

Aubrey: Yes, a hundred percent. A hundred percent.

Grace: It might even feel like Scorpio Ascendant or something like that.

Aubrey: Yeah, totally. I think, obviously, all of us Millennials that have our Pluto at home in Scorpio, we have a very different experience with Pluto than everybody else that has it in other signs, but no matter what, Pluto is always bringing that sort of Scorpionic-like vibe to it, right? So, yeah, even if somebody’s like, oh, my Pluto is in Libra, and a Libra Ascendant is normally very sweet and kind and charming and all of these things, they may come off much more Scorpio because of Pluto being there.

But no matter what, these people that have a Pluto in the 1st House, their sense of self or identity is constantly in flux. They’re constantly going through transformations around the self, their identity, and perhaps the way that they define themselves is constantly shifting. The things that they go through usually ends up changing who they are completely, right? And so it’s not necessarily a static sense of the self, and ideally, again, we’re becoming more and more empowered and moving towards greater and greater authenticity around self expression and identity. Also, this is probably somebody who’s going to be private and reserved, and they will have that certain ” je ne sais quoi” magnetism to them, with Pluto in the 1st House as well.

✨ Pluto in the 2nd House

Aubrey: Now, where we see Pluto in the 2nd House, this is an interesting placement, because in the 2nd House, we’re really looking to establish our self esteem, right? The identity that we’ve taken from the 1st House, we’re now moving into the 2nd House and looking to solidify our confidence and who we are.

And so this, unfortunately, can be somebody who really struggles to have self esteem and to feel good about themselves. This is also a money house. So we’re going to see somebody who very probably has gone through some extremes, as far as material safety, security, stability is concerned, there’s a lot of different ways that this could manifest, but, we can see somebody who maybe has experienced extreme poverty in some way, we can see somebody who maybe has experienced weird control, abuse, I don’t know, like, with money, and maybe somebody has used money as a way to control them, for example.

Again, I could talk about this for a thousand years, but ultimately, this is somebody who’s looking to establish that material safety and security for themselves. And they may go through their life feeling like money is this kind of constant struggle for them, and there’s really a journey surrounding finding that kind of empowerment around materials.

It’s also the house of our resources, so there is a need for this person to find trust, perhaps, in themselves and their own resourcefulness, and to trust themselves to be able to handle whatever the thing is, right? That they can draw upon their own wealth of resources to successfully get through the situation.

This is also a marker we see constantly in the charts of billionaires, which I think is an interesting anecdote for Pluto in the 2nd House. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we will become billionaires if we have this placement in the chart, but I love to use Bill Gates as an example, right? He has Pluto in the 2nd House. And Pluto is always operating on extremes, right? So we can go from extreme poverty to extreme wealth, rags to riches, if you will.

✨ Pluto in the 3rd House

Aubrey: Okay, so now, Pluto in the 3rd House. This is somebody who ultimately is here to clear their throat chakra and to really find empowerment in their voice. This is the house where we learn to speak up and to share what we think, what we feel, what we know. They may struggle with feeling like nobody actually hears them, right? Nobody actually respects their opinions or thinks that they actually know what they’re talking about, and they may feel like they’re, like, clawing their way to get people to really respect them and understand them.

So there is a journey around finding those people, of course, but there’s also this journey of empowerment of the voice and figuring out what that means, and how to communicate effectively. This is also the house of siblings, so there may be something about their relationship with their siblings that is a very important focal point in their life.

Because this is also the house of the student and our local environment, we can look at maybe a journey around education and learning, as well as are we living in kind of the correct environment that feels conducive to safety, stability, people understanding you, things like that.

✨ Pluto in the 4th House

Aubrey: Now, in the 4th House, I feel bad whenever I see somebody that has Pluto in the 4th House. Because the 4th House is our family, right? It’s our foundations, our roots. It is, yeah, another angle, just like the 1st House in the chart, so anytime you see Pluto on any of the four angles, which is 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th, that’s a very kind of prominently placed Pluto, where we can really feel the effects of Pluto all the time.

And this is, yes, family, foundation, the mom, all kinds of things like that, and so usually there’s a deep rooted family wound in this house. It could be that they grew up in a situation that was abusive, toxic, unstable in some way. They certainly were not getting their needs met, no matter what the environment was that they grew up in and they maybe also don’t really feel like they fit in with their family. In that sense, in some way. And so, ultimately, these people are really on the hunt for this idea of family. Usually, what we end up seeing with people that have Pluto in the 4th House is when they become adults and we get to choose who we define as family as adults.

It’s more about, is it your friends that are your family or, you get married or you’re in some sort of committed long term situation with a partner and y’all have a family right and that’s where that kind of like sense of empowerment can come in in like a real tangible way where it’s i have found the partner that meets my needs right and like we’ve had our children and like whatever you just find like that more supportive healthier sort of stable situation in adulthood with Pluto in the 4th House.

I do think there’s something about becoming a parent that is relevant both for people with Pluto in the 4th and or Pluto in the 5th, which is the house of children which can become a very empowering and healing avenue for them. If that makes sense.

✨ Pluto in the 5th House

Aubrey: So now, Pluto in the 5th House. This is sort of similar to Pluto in the 1st House in the sense that the 5th House is our individuality, right? It’s our creative self expression. We also look at themes of like fun, joy, play, romance, kids, and the present moment in the 5th House, so there’s a lot that goes on there. Certainly, we are looking for empowerment, in that creative self expression arena. Now, when we talk about creativity through the lens of astrology, does it mean you’re going to become the next Michelangelo? Probably not. Maybe, right? Maybe, but not necessarily, okay? I do think that having some kind of like creative hobby or outlet is important for these people, but like we make creative choices every day, right? From the way we dress and wear our hair and do our makeup and our nails or not, like those are creative choices.

Sometimes it’s more about our creative perspective that we have more than anything else and there’s just something about figuring out how to express themselves and who they are that’s very important. I think a huge lesson for Pluto in the 5th House is that not everything is that deep and I like people with their Pluto in the 5th House hear that and they’re like that’s just not true, right? Like everything is that deep and no it’s not.

Sometimes we just do things because they’re fun, because we want to, right? And it doesn’t actually and that’s merit enough. It doesn’t always have to have this deep, transcendental meaning behind it. Certainly, these people have to learn how to be more grounded in the present moment in their bodies and not maybe having, like, all this existential anxiety about the future.

For example, an inner child work is very, very important in this house. Again, this can be like somebody that maybe had it a little rough in their childhood growing up, and there’s just something about the inner child and or like actual children that becomes very important here. It is like the house of romance in the sense that we can see like flings and like hookups here. That to me that’s almost like a secondary or like tertiary theme of this house and the other things usually end up taking more precedence.

✨ Pluto in the 6th House

Aubrey: Okay, so now here we are in the 6th House where your Pluto lives.

Grace: Yes.

Aubrey: And yes, it becomes very important to find our routines, our rituals, and again figuring out what is the situation in your daily life that feels empowering to you. I don’t know if people will find this boring. I find it necessary, okay? But there’s something about the mundane, right? And the things that we’re doing in our everyday, daily life that’s actually really important. It is a house where maybe we’re, like, figuring out how to adult a little bit and we’re taking care of all of the little tasks in our daily life that enable us to find that sense of stability to go out into the world and do the things that we need to do.

It is also the house of our physical health, so I don’t know if you want to talk about this at all or divulge anything, but very often when I see Pluto in the 6th House, I’m like, hello, are you dealing with any chronic health issues?

Grace: I have been dealing with that more so in that I just work a lot, and I think that really does affect my health, and it totally affects my health in terms of like stress, anxiety, just feeling like achiness, gaining weight, things like that. And I just feel like I’m coming into terms with finding the magic in my everyday life so that I can use this moment to transform myself.

And I think that is something that’s really powerful about Pluto as well, when you’re talking about extremes, because I find that I can go into the extremes of going on a cleanse. You know, and going on cleanse is not super, super extreme, but I can just find myself being very like, I think, black and white about my routines or my rituals and it has to be this way for it to count.

And so I can be really hard on myself with these everyday things that I try to do. And so lately. I’ve been offering myself more grace in that it doesn’t need to be perfect, as long as I’m feeling better, then it counts.

Aubrey: Yes. Okay. I love that. This is like the perfect real life example of Pluto in action.

I love what you said about the black and white thinking because that is so Pluto with those extremes. It’s like it’s all or nothing. And I think as we go through this process of engaging with Pluto across our lifetime, we learn that life is actually happening in like the in between, right? And these like varying shades of grey and it doesn’t have to be so like, it’s either this and it’s all this or it’s nothing, right? It’s no, sometimes it can be a little bit of this, a little bit of that. And that is really where real life happens. And so we’re constantly searching to figure out, like, where on that spectrum we want to And what feels good and empowering to us.

And yeah, it’s like an example of going on like an extreme diet or an extreme cleanse. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, where the guy like only does juice for like months and months on end and like that would be like an extreme health thing, right? But yeah, like I think just figuring out what feels supportive to you and your physical health is really important in this house.

It is also the house of your job, so there can be something about do you love your job, right? Does it feel, again, supportive to this daily situation that you’re looking for? We can search for empowerment in the job and the career in that sense too. It is yet another money house, right?

So we’re gonna have this idea of the resources and the materials and things that we need really coming forward here as well.

Grace: I feel like, I do love what I do, but there can be moments where I don’t love the mundane stuff, obviously. I find that really difficult, and almost like, why do I need to do this?

And I feel like when I was working more in a job setting, I would have these kind of power struggles with different authority figures, and I feel like that was how Pluto was really playing out in that house.

Aubrey: Yes, 100%.

Grace: I mean, it led me to ultimately have my own business because I was like, wow, I really can’t work for people. But I think part of that too is just like stepping up and becoming your own authority.

Aubrey: Totally. This is something that is also something we see with Pluto in the 10th House, which maybe we’ll touch on that again once I get up there. But yes, like authority, struggles with authority, having power struggles in the workplace.

Such a like 6th House, 10th House, like a Pluto thing. And yes, we usually do end up working for ourselves. Anytime there’s like a Marsy type influence, right? Scorpio being traditionally ruled by Mars. We can absolutely see people who work for themselves more than anything else. Which I think is fine. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But yes, power struggles in the workplace are real with that placement.

Grace: Definitely nothing wrong with that. I also find that with how I relate to this placement is I can absolutely be obsessive with my work. It can be like all I want to do all day, every day. And I think sometimes I don’t know what the boundaries are, even for myself. So for anyone out there who’s experiencing this, you’re not alone.

Aubrey: Yeah, so that’s part of our journey, is finding our boundaries and our limits with Pluto. So, I love that, actually.

✨ Pluto in the 7th House

Aubrey: Okay, so now we move into the top hemisphere of the chart, where we start looking at Pluto in the 7th House. So, this is the house of the other. This is where we’re going to look at marriage, committed partnerships. It is where we look at more one on one relationships than anything else, which yes, of course, I’m speaking about romantic relationships, but it can also be, like, any of your one on one relationships that you have.

So, a close friendship, for example, could fall into the 7th House. It’s also where we see business partnerships. So like this kind of vibe where we’re recording this podcast together is like a business partnership in the 7th House, right? Or like reader versus client would be very like 7th House business partnerships as well.

I think no matter what it is that you do, especially if you are a business owner, like inevitably, There are business partnerships that we have to deal with. Anyways, people that have their 7th House out of in the 7th House they can be very intense in these relationships, right? This would be very similar to having your Venus in Scorpio, for example.

It can be somebody who Honestly goes through a lot in their romantic life. We’re looking to merge our souls together where we have Pluto in the 7th House because again we have this sort of like obsessive extreme nature. This is somebody who’s very passionate. certainly in their relationships, but it’s also somebody who has probably kind of gone through it, right?

Obviously, we have all experienced heartbreak and certain things in relationships that didn’t feel great, but this is a marker of somebody who has maybe experienced abusive relationships. Are we in relationships with maybe like addicts? Are we an addict? We can become addicted to love certainly with displacement.

It could be like, oh, we were cheated on. It’s hard. We got our heart broken really hard in usually like pretty extreme toxic type situations. Certainly like relationships become the catalyst for transformation here. And we’re looking for empowerment in this arena. So the journey here is truly to figure out what a healthy relationship Means, right?

What does it look like and feel like and act and move like? Boundaries as a very strong keyword here as well with other people. And we’re looking to figure out equality and fairness and just relationships. Stuff like that. I will say that I dated somebody who has their natal Pluto in their 7th House and they were really intense and I feel like these toxic things they might have experienced, they like also exhibit as part of the way that they know how to show love.

That’s their love language. Absolutely, yes. They can become perpetrators of those qualities as well. I think the hard part, where we will see Pluto in the 7th House, is it can almost become this self fulfilling prophecy, right? Where they’re like, oh, I’m g I’m gonna be too much for this person.

I’m gonna end up again in this kind of toxic, abusive Cycle with somebody, I’ll drive them away with my obsessive personality whatever, right? And then again because they are exhibiting those behaviors, it becomes that kind of self fulfilling prophecy. There’s a need to probably go to therapy, okay?

And to try to work it out. And of course so important to have the self awareness around their own behaviors that they are bringing to the table as well.

Grace: Totally. I feel like I’m pretty intuitive, so I kind of sense that some of this is just self sabotage.

Aubrey: It can be. I think Pluto, in general, maybe no matter where it’s sitting in the chart, we can have some self sabotagy things. And that’s part of shadow work, right? It’s like acknowledging these parts of yourself that maybe aren’t ideal and needing to acknowledge that that exists because until we can do that, there’s no way to integrate it, there’s no way to work with it, there’s no way to change it, right? So absolutely we have to have that like, oopsies, I am also guilty of this conversation.

No, I love that. I love that we’re bringing forward these truths about Pluto and the way that we embody our Pluto as well.

Grace: It’s very real.

Aubrey: it is. I like it. I’m super curious about your chart now that we’re having this conversation. I’m like, okay, Grace, what’s your big three?

Grace: I’ll definitely show it to you. Well, I’m an Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, and Gemini Rising.

Aubrey: Oh, interesting. Where is your Mercury?

Grace: 11th House in Aries.

Aubrey: Okay, that’s your chart ruler.

Grace: So, conjunct my Sun.

Aubrey: Oh, we love a Mercury Cazimi. Okay perfect that here we are doing this podcast and that, you write and are published and all of that’s very Mercurial of you.

Grace: Oh, yeah.

Aubrey: So interesting. Okay, I love it.

Grace: We’re gonna get to your Mercury towards the end of this interview too, so…

Aubrey: Okay. I just want to say I love an Aries. Love an Aries with all my heart.

✨ Pluto in the 8th House

Aubrey: Okay, so in the 8th House, you may think of this in some ways as Pluto being at home, right? Because it’s this very traditionally Scorpio’s house type situation, right?

The 8th House. Pluto in the 8th House is just interesting because we’re already going through the cycles of life, death, rebirth, transformation, healing, in general, the 8th House. That’s what we’re doing there. And so Pluto just amps all of that up. It’s like, yeah, let’s just keep going through even more transformation.

I will say, in my own opinion, I think there’s a big journey around sex, okay? When we’re looking at Pluto in the 8th House. It’s purely because it is the house of sex, right? And Pluto slash Scorpio rules over the genitals. So for realsies. So when I see somebody with Pluto in the 8th House, I’m like, how loud do you feel empowered in your sexuality?

And they’re usually like, no. That is a whole journey in and of itself, regardless of Pluto being in the 8th House or not. But I think there really is something there, right? Figuring out how to be not only in touch with your sexual energy, to feel comfortable with it, to have that kind of reflection of like, well, what is being empowered in my sexual energy really mean to me?

Unfortunately, we can see people with sexual trauma a lot with this placement as well. This is also true for Pluto in the 2nd House, so there’s just kind of something there. We also look at shared resources in the 8th House, so this can be like, If you live with somebody, you share your resources with them, right?

And some people would refer to the 8th House as your “partner’s money”. I don’t know if I love that definition, but I think it’s a good example to use to help people understand what we mean by shared resources. So, again, we are maybe looking at like, do we have good boundaries with our partner and money, right? Are we being controlled by money?

Grace: That relate to a conservatorship or something?

Aubrey: Yes, yes. Britney. Where’s Britney? Okay, like, for real? Maybe, right? Well, she’s a Libra Rising, so she probably has Fudo in her 2nd House, I’m just saying. And that’s a great example of being controlled through resources, right?

So yes, this is something where money and things like that can get super weird. I think we can also see somebody who maybe financially supports their partner, and there again just isn’t this kind of like balance or boundaries or necessary things surrounding like shared resources. Certainly, we can end up making a lot of money and a very nice, appropriate business partnership with Pluto in the 8th House, but it may take us a while to get there.

Because it is the house of the occult, this can also be somebody who is very spiritual, very attracted to those things. Perhaps they have a very strong intuition. There’s that kind of piercing energy that comes along with 8th House, Pluto, Scorpio type things, where they can cut through all the fluff and BS and see somebody or a situation straight through to the heart.

✨ Pluto in the 9th House

Aubrey: Now, Pluto in the 9th House is an interesting placement, because the 9th House wants to be, like, fun and adventurous, and we’re traveling, and we’re, experiencing higher education, and doing all of these things, and then Pluto comes through and is like, are we having a good time?

Are we experiencing adventure and being able to strike out into the world and have the experiences that we’re really looking to have? That’s the 9th House in a nutshell to me. Down in the 3rd House, we’re looking at like our local environment, whereas up in the 9th House, we’re looking at like the entire world.

And where we look at like traditional learning through reading and writing and whatever in the 3rd House, the 9th House is learning through experience. Are you having the experiences that you want to have? Certainly, going the higher education route would be an empowering thing here or any type of kind of supplemental learning that we do in our adult lives.

But education in general as like a very empowering avenue for somebody here. There could be something about stepping into the teacher role as it is the house of the teacher that could be very empowering. And travel, I think, is something that’s like deeply important here. We’re ultimately looking to establish our “Truth” with a capital T, right? What is your philosophy and what do you really believe in with Pluto in the 9th House?

✨ Pluto in the 10th House

Aubrey: Okay. Pluto in the 10th House. This is the career, okay? But it’s like our calling in life. It’s not like, oh, my job at 7-Eleven, unless that’s really what checks your box, okay? But it’s like, I’m bringing water to the children, or whatever it is, okay?

So we’re really looking to figure out what do we want to be when we grow up? With Pluto in the 10th House. And it can be a journey, of course. These people constantly trying to figure out. Whatever that means. Yes, we can see struggles with authority and power here in the 10th House as well. If you’ve had an abusive situation with a boss in the past, for example, this could be very Pluto in the 10th House.

Maybe you do end up doing better working for yourself. But I think beyond that, it’s really this idea of what is the legacy that I’m building? How are people gonna know me? What are they gonna know me by or know me for? And what am I leaving in my wake here in the 10th House?

Because it’s Pluto, this could be somebody who works in a “taboo”-like job, right? Is this sex work? Is this, again spirituality, the occult, right? Where making money or our legacy is very Scorpionic and Plutonian in some way? I think that would make a lot of sense.

Grace: I was thinking funeral homes when you were talking.

Aubrey: Yeah, beautiful. Yes. Are we a death doula? Do we work in funerary practices or any like? Yes, that’s perfect. Love that. Love that. Good one, Grace. That was a good one.

✨ Pluto in the 11th House

Aubrey: Okay, in the 11th House now, this is the house of the group. So it’s all of our social circles, okay? So friends, family, lovers, neighbors, co workers. It’s the people that we interact with on a daily basis or at least a regular basis.

It is the house of the future. It’s the house of technology, social media, and the house of dreams. And I don’t mean our sleeping dreams when I say that. I mean, our ambitions and wild crazy visions that we have for ourselves that we would like in our life.

Unfortunately, this can be like more relationship karma here where it’s like, who is my group? Where is my group? Do they love me? Do I feel good in my relationships with other people? I think there’d be like a certain loneliness that manifests for people with Pluto in the 11th House where they can really struggle to make the connections with other people that they’re looking for. My advice for people with their Pluto in the 11th House is to find a group, rally, cause, that they want to throw themselves into and to act in service to or in service of. It helps them to establish the group, to find the group, to be appreciated by the group, which is really hard. With Pluto in the 11th House.

There’s no need to have inauthentic connections, and people need to shed that weirdness that they have. Yeah. There is also something, of course, about working with technology or social media or something that could feel very empowering to them in some way as well. And we probably need to learn how to plan for the future, okay? Pluto in the 11th House.

✨ Pluto in the 12th House

Aubrey: And finally now, we arrive at Pluto in the 12th House. The 12th House in general is just a very interesting place in the chart, because it is the only house that never sees the light of day from the sun.

And so it’s hidden behind this curtain of obscurity, and we have to work extra hard to engage with anything that’s in the 12th House because this is where we tend to repress and bury things and we’re, like, not looking at the things that are in the 12th House. Not understanding them, perhaps.

Things in the 12th House can feel very elusive to us. Certainly, this is also the House of Spirituality, Dreams, the Subconscious Mind. It’s the House of Karma, both favorable and unfavorable because we garner both. And it is where we look at hospitals, prisons, mental health facilities, any of those type of faculties where we go and we cannot necessarily leave or move about of our own volition.

Pluto in the 12th House. First of all, I would expect this to be somebody who’s a vivid dreamer. Are we having straight up Prophetic dreams, I don’t know. Certainly, there can be something about needing to, once again, get in touch with our spirituality. Like, what do we know?

Maybe you have weird past life recollection here. I don’t really know, but there’s something about empowering yourself in your spirituality, your spiritual gifts, your intuition, all of that, and you need to have alone time. Okay there’s something about downtime that’s really important here, but we also have to be careful not to isolate, so it can be a delicate balance that way.

Again, there could be something about working in hospitals, prisons, things like that that become like empowering in some way where we’re really like helping people who are in isolation.

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✨ Where is Aubrey’s Pluto?

Grace: Where is your Pluto and how do you resonate with that?

Aubrey: Do you want to guess?

Grace: I want to say 8th for some reason.

Aubrey: No, it is in the 2nd House. It is conjunct my Venus and Scorpio, so I do have weird 8th Housey things, that I’m probably doing with Pluto there, but I will say, I’ll give you an example of my Pluto in the 2nd House. So we talk about people who have dealt with poverty and struggling to really establish and empower themselves by way of material financial security and stability.

I went through a period in my life where I was homeless, and if that is not the most Pluto in the 2nd House, like, oops, I’m on the extreme end of the spectrum where I have no money, no place to live, nothing, like, that was, that’s very Plutonian, very Pluto in the 2nd House, and I will, in some ways forever and always be on a journey of trying to find The empowerment and establishing the financial stability for myself that feels appropriate, right?

That feels like I have gotten what I need and a need, again, to trust in my own resourcefulness and my own ability to handle whatever the thing is. And there were a lot of things that transpired during that period of my life when I was homeless that forced me to grapple with those things.

Grace: Yeah, well, thank you for sharing. That is truly a transformative way because 2nd House is so much about resources and I feel like that there’s that, I suppose, the contrast between the 2nd and 8th House and how it reflects each other.

Aubrey: Oh, yeah, totally. Well, I don’t know if you believe this in your own practice, I guess. I always think of the houses as like mirrors, right? The axis that you’re working on with both of those houses.

✨ Past Lives and Regression

Grace: Totally, yeah. I know in your guidebook you also mention past lives and you touched upon it in the 12th House and I was wondering, has past lives been a part of your Plutonian journey and if so, like, how do you use it? How do you heal from it? How do you access it?

Aubrey: Past lives is definitely an area of extreme interest to me.

Grace: Same. I went to past life regression training and had a really crazy experience.

Aubrey: Really? I want to hear about that.

Grace: Yeah. I basically had a past life experience where my mother murdered me and…

Aubrey: Oh my god.

Grace: Yeah. It was crazy. So… I’m still processing it, but she wasn’t my mother in that lifetime, but it’s just really interesting how people are karmically linked and how we come back together and I just feel like there’s just so many lessons and also learning and healing for myself.

Aubrey: Do you have your moon in the 12th House?

Grace: Moon in 10th House.

Aubrey: Oh yeah, cause your Moon is in Pisces. Okay. And for some reason I had it in my brain that it was in Taurus. Huh. That’s really intense.

Grace: It was. It was.

Aubrey: Oh my gosh. Yeah. See, that’s so interesting. I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt to actually find somebody who is really good at like past life regression stuff because I want to have a reading like that for myself. I’m so curious what would come up.

Grace: Well, I am trained in it now.

Aubrey: Okay, well, I will be coming to you for reading, so that’s fine. I’ll be scheduling that once this is over.

That’s so interesting. Yeah, it’s definitely an area that’s very interesting to me, and as far as my approach to Pluto, in particular, in my practice, I believe that Pluto points to a past life wound, right? It’s like this baggage that we’re carrying across many lifetimes. And so what I always tell people is because I don’t know their experience or their life, okay? And so I’m like, whatever the situation was in a past life, It was so dire to the point where you were completely disempowered in this arena, and here you are in this lifetime, and we’re perpetuating that cycle, or we’re perpetuating that pattern, but the call is to tap into the other side of Pluto, right?

So not the destructive side, but the creative, transformative, healing side, to flip the script on that, and to find a way to become empowered instead in this lifetime. Which feels like a tall order, perhaps, and it might be, okay? But I think, for me, I feel like the past life thing is so relevant with Pluto, because every time that we circle back to the thing, right?

The theme of wherever your Pluto is sitting, your soul is I’m so tired of doing this, right? I don’t want to do this anymore. And ideally, that becomes like the impetus that drives change.

Grace: Yeah.

Aubrey: Does that answer your question?

Grace: It’s like when, for example, in one of the houses, I think 9th, right? When something unexpected happens, which I feel like is like more Uranus energy, but if you’re like, comfortable in a situation and then all of a sudden something happens and it feels like out of nowhere, catastrophic, rug being pulled out from under you. I often feel like it’s a lesson that just needed to happen, you know?

So for example, there happened to be mice in my studio, so an exterminator came by and he accidentally knocked over my huge archway mirror, which shattered, all over this rug that I meant to set up for recording purposes. And I was, like, procrastinating on doing that for a while. So for me, I was just like, well, maybe that happened so that I actually pay attention to that area.

Because sometimes we don’t pay attention to things if for some reason, that thing is not calling for our attention. These catastrophic things may not be catastrophic at all. For example if you get pulled over, on the highway perhaps you’re avoiding an accident or, something like that. I think there are a lot of blessings that can be seen or unseen until we have the time to reflect on them.

That past life regression that I shared, it was only unveiled to me about a month or so ago, so it’s pretty new still, and I feel like for me, yes, it has been intense, but at the same time has brought a lot of like awareness to myself and my, I think, relationship between us.

By the way it’s not like she’s like a terrible person or whatever. There are different like circumstances playing out. But I feel like for anyone else that might, have these things they can’t explain, I feel like past life regression is a really great way to explore that because you might know in your subconscious, in the spiritual realm, you might be getting, signals and signs, but if you’re not necessarily aware of it, you might find other ways to try to explain away things that can’t be explained. Even if I’m saying this to somebody that doesn’t believe in past life regression and might just be like, well, what if you’re just making it up? My answer to that is just if you feel like this information is helping you heal and better your life in some way, then why not believe in its power to heal yourself?

If it’s not harming somebody and if it’s ultimately here to give you a sense of empowerment, which is like such a theme of Pluto. Because the point is sometimes, whether in this lifetime or in past lifetimes, we’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum. So I’ve heard this saying, I don’t know exactly who has said it or where it comes from, but basically as many times as you’ve been the victim, you’ve also been the perpetrator.

And I do remember sitting like in a ayahuasca circle and the shaman saying something along those lines and then someone else at that training when I had shared you know the experience that came up for me also told me that again and so I was just like, you know?

I don’t know what I’ve done in past lives and I think that’s part of embracing the shadow side of who you are as a human being or a spiritual being and you’ve had different lessons in different lifetimes so we all have this like lightness and dark within us and it’s also about embodying but also I feel like embracing and I think that’s part of the empowerment that comes with, understanding the shadow side of what is coming up for you and not necessarily identifying with it as who you are, but more so of, like, how you can use that information to transform yourself into a version of yourself that you really love.

Aubrey: I am eating this up, because I could not agree with everything that you said more. You put it so beautifully, and I completely agree with you. And to me, the process of shadow work isn’t about eradication as much as it is, like, integration, right? And when we’re speaking about this idea of transforming something, It is to transform this thing into something that feels good, right? Something that feels beautiful or useful or whatever the adjective is that you want to slap on there, that again, is empowering to you.

But inevitably, there will be things about ourselves that aren’t all great or all perfect or whatever, it’s just part of being human. And I think too, it’s interesting when you bring in the idea of past lives, because we don’t know, obviously, everything that has transpired in our past lives. And we’ve probably done and said and been all kinds of things.

Grace: So true. And I think honoring all aspects of how your soul wants to express yourself, because there’s just so many ways that we can play out these roles, whatever lessons we were meant to learn in those lifetimes that we bring with us to our current timelines.

For example, I fully feel and receive the information that like, the things that I make with Mystic Mondays, part of the information I got from past lifetimes. And now I’m like, expressing that through the knowledge that I’ve gained from those past lifetimes into this lifetime. I’m sure some specific natural talents that you might have, you’re like, oh my god, I’m like, really good at this and I don’t know why. That could be something from a past life.

Aubrey: No, I totally agree with that. And specifically when we’re looking at like Pluto in the birth chart, Pluto is also this like secret superpower that we possess, right? So it’s just like waiting to be unlocked. It’s waiting for us to acknowledge that it’s there.

And I think that that’s also like a part of the Plutonian journey that doesn’t get talked about as much. Like we’re always like transformation, shadow work, cycles of life, death, rebirth, like whatever. And it’s okay, but also like part of this empowerment is understanding and like embracing, acknowledging that superpower that you possess and figuring out how to like harness that too.

Grace: Yeah. I love that.

✨ Favorite Rituals

Grace: What are some of your favorite rituals? I know we talked about Pluto a lot, but do you work with other energies? And, what do you like to do?

Aubrey: Venus is my chart ruler, okay? That’s my girly. And I do a lot of Venus work, certainly and of course, for me, because they’re conjunct, I’m like, Venus and Pluto, their journey is intertwined for me, right?

And so, hence the deck, right? But also hence a lot of the work that I do in my own life. For me, I love annual perfections as an astrological timing technique. Do you use perfections?

Grace: I have before, yeah.

Aubrey: Okay, so I like it because for each year of your life, you end up with a different Time Lord, right?

So there’s like a different planetary energy that comes forward and is very prominent for that year of your life. And so in my own life, I very intentionally work with the energy of that planet and end up designing, my week or my weekly ritual or whatever around that planet and what it’s doing.

So for example in this year of my life, I have been going through a lunar year and so Mondays, Mystic Mondays, being ruled by the moon, Mondays have become this sort of all important day for me where I do a lot of like lunar focused things and at the end of this month I will have a birthday and I will enter a solar year and so that will change over to Sundays and the type of work and things that I engage in and do will be very solar focused instead.

✨ Aubrey’s Big Three – Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Grace: So what’s your Sun, Moon, and Rising?

Aubrey: Do you want to take a guess?

Grace: Well, Virgo. Is that right? Virgo Sun. Oh, geez.

Aubrey: It’s okay.

Grace: Libra.

Aubrey: Libra, yes, Libra. Virgo is my Mercury, if it makes you feel better. But I am a triple Libra.

Grace: Wow! I feel like that’s rare.

Aubrey: it is. There is only two hours in each zodiacal season where a person can end up being a triple sign. So, yes, I am. Wow. If you’re ready, I am Sun, Moon, Rising, Mars, and Lilith, all in Libra.

Grace: In which house?

Aubrey: All in the 1st House.

Grace: Oh, wow!

Aubrey: My moon is in the 12th House, okay, but everything else is in the 1st House.

Grace: Wow. Libra’s such a lovely sign, I feel like, but do you find that’s an overdose of Libra?

Aubrey: Well, I’m always like, I’m a fake Libra. Because yes, I have all these Libra placements, but they’re all Venus ruled placements, right? So then you think about my Venus and Scorpio, conjunct Pluto, just ruling over half of my dang chart. And like I said, like my Mars is conjunct to my Sun. I have a Mars cazimi in my chart, which gives this kind of more like fiery punch than you would normally experience with both, I would say a Libra Sun and a Libra Mars. I don’t know.

In some ways I’m like, I am so Libra, the most Libra of all the Libras and in other ways I’m like, uh, I dunno if I’m really that Libra, but certainly, I’m searching for balance in all things, so, yeah.

Grace: Aren’t we all? Libra or not.

Aubrey: Right, right.

✨ Advice to Your Younger Self

Grace: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Aubrey: Care less about what other people think.

Grace: That’s a good one.

✨ Collective Card Reading from the Oracle of Pluto Deck

Grace: And we can wrap this conversation up with a collective pull from the Oracle of Pluto, these beautiful cards.

Aubrey: Yeah, Rose, who illustrated the deck, is insane. She’s so talented! She’s one of those people… Who, like, I see the things that she comes up with and I’m like, where did you pull that from? Like, where did that come from? So she’s she’s a Pisces. She’s a Leo Rising. Capricorn Moon. But yeah, she absolutely killed it. But this deck, it’s, it is beautiful because of her, I will say.

Grace: Super gorgeous.

Aubrey: Okay, interesting. The card that we have pulled here for the collective is the Crab. So, not quite the same as the Hermit Crab, okay?

Grace: Which is what I pulled this morning.

Aubrey: Which is, but there, there are some similarities, right?

Where we’re looking with the Crab in this deck, we are still looking at this idea of boundaries. Where the Hermit Crab Is like, I need to like, have introspection and introversion and alone time and solitude, blah blah blah. The Crab is really about teaching other people how to treat us, which I think is a huge lesson in general for everybody, especially if you’re somebody who is like, walking the spiritual path in any way.

We all kind of tend to be a little sensitive, and sensitive to others, and boundaries are hard, and they’re something that needs to be actively practiced and engaged with in perpetuity. That’s really the vibe of this card, is teaching other people how to treat us, and certainly it’s the duality, I will say, both of treat others how you want to be treated, but we also teach other people how to treat us by what we will put up with and what we will tolerate.

And we implicitly let other people know how much we value ourselves and what is appropriate by the types of behaviors that we will put up with from other people.

Grace: Yeah. Wow. Love that. I feel like what comes up is like, how can we expect other people to treat us well if we’re not treating ourselves well? And we can be the example, to show people what’s okay and what’s not okay.

Aubrey: No, I totally agree with that. And part of the Crab as well is this idea of like self protection. If you think of like Cancer, for example, or Scorpio, for that matter, they’re both very self protective signs. Their gut instinct is to protect themselves and their soft, squishy body inside before they let anybody else in, or they make sure that it is safe to do so. We tell people a lot about the way that we feel about ourselves that way, but I think there’s also, with this card, a need to discern when it is time to open up and when it is time to withdraw into that protective shell as well.

Grace: Yeah, definitely. Because sometimes there just needs to be time to integrate yourself, before sharing. By the way, I’ve done a lot of integration for the information I divulged today, so I felt ready to share. But I feel like, some things are just meant to be yours, and I think that is a form of power in itself of just like knowing your truth without needing anybody else to validate it. Because sometimes that information in the wrong hands just like is not serving you.

Aubrey: Totally. I completely agree with that and I think it is important to be able to discern that too. That was like for me and my own journey with boundaries and like teaching other people how to treat me, that is a huge lesson that I had to learn. It’s like sometimes we do keep things close to the chest because that’s where they belong.

Grace: Yeah, yeah, beautiful.

✨ Closing Statements

Grace: Well, Aubrey, this was wonderful. I feel like I learned so much about Pluto and love your energy and explaining everything. So, thank you so much for being here.

Aubrey: I appreciate it. I had a lot of fun. I appreciate you having me on here and allowing me the space to speak about my deck and Pluto in general. I love your energy, too. Actually, this was really nice. I liked it a lot. So, thank you.

Grace: A fine balance between Libra and Aries.

Aubrey: That’s right. That’s right. We’re out here balancing one another.

Grace: Yay! Alright. Thanks. Bye.

Aubrey: Bye.

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Grace: Thank you so much for tuning in to today’s episode with Aubrey Houdeshell. Pluto is such a powerful planet to work with and I’m so glad Aubrey was able to share with us the transformative ways we can work with Pluto and how Pluto can show up in our lives. Where is Pluto in your astrology natal chart? And how has Pluto showed up for you?

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Until next time, my dear mystics.

If you are going through a transformation, you got this. You’ll come out on the other side with more wisdom and power than you can imagine, sending you so much grace today and every day.

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