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Today’s GRACED podcast episode, we talk about the astrology with Kirah Tabourn – an astrologer, writer, and creative passionate about teaching the fundamentals of astrology. We talk about upcoming transits for this summer, chart rulers, how to learn astrology and great resources you can access, as well as getting a peek into my astrology chart with Kirah’s guidance!


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00:49 Interview with Kirah begins

02:06 How Kirah got into Astrology

03:17 How to learn Astrology on your own

07:49 Naysayers with Astrology

12:13 What if you don’t resonate with your Sun Sign

13:27 How to decide what area to focus on in Astrology

15:21 Current transits to look out for

19:32 Kirah reads Grace’s chart

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25:29 What are eclipses

31:00 Rituals as an Astrologer

38:38 Chart rulers

41:59 Using Astrology for Predictions

43:44 Kirah’s Big Three

45:29 Advice for Younger Self

46:56 Collective Tarot & Astrology Reading from Kirah

50:51 Where to Find Kirah

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Full Transcript

💖 Introduction

Hi there! Welcome to the GRACED podcast where we talk about how we can infuse more everyday magic into your everyday life through rituals, wellness, tarot, and today, astrology.
Today’s guest is Kirah Tabourn, most known as thestrology. She is an astrologer, writer, and creative who is passionate about teaching the fundamentals of astrology – which we definitely get into with some of it in this episode!

Mostly, this episode felt like Kirah was just giving me an astrology reading so you’ll get some peeks into what’s going on in my chart too. As well as some significant transits that are coming up for this summer.

Now let’s get into the episode!


✨Interview starts with Kirah

Grace: Hi Kirah. Thanks for being on the podcast today. 

Kirah: Hey Grace. Thanks for having me. 

Grace: Yeah, so we were just talking about how long it’s been since we last saw each other, but pre pandemic to pandemic times, and I feel like you’ve grown so much over the years. Like what have you been up to? 

Kirah: Doing too much. Yeah. I feel like I did a lot over the past couple years and now this, my Saturn return definitely, settled me down a little bit, humbled me a bit, but I have done quite a bit. I don’t even know, if you want me to talk about it, but ri ght now I’m mostly just doing my podcast. I kind of started like a new podcast. It’s weekly forecasts and also an advice podcast. So I answer questions and what the guest usually will look at people’s chart.

And then also I do consults, just one-on-ones. And then also consult for businesses too. Yeah, mostly just, oh, and writing. I was, I just finished up a year of monthly horoscopes for Kst Traveler. I’m not doing it anymore cuz it’s so hard to write. But yeah, that’s what I’ve been working on most recently.

How Kirah got into Astrology

Grace: Amazing. So how did you get into astrology? 

Kirah: I was always one of those kids into astrology since I was really young. I was just like really obsessed with birthdays as a kid. I just knew everyone’s birthday. I took a lot of pride in remembering everyone’s birthdays, and so that kind of transformed into astrology.

At a certain point, I was always really obsessed with being a Scorpio, and ever since I was like young, I always. I have like just a lot of memories of designing things. Like we had to do this project in sixth grade where we had to design a coat of arms and we were learning about medieval times and I did like a red and black Scorpio themed coat of arms with a scorpion and like the symbol.

So yeah, I’ve always been into it, but it was when I was a little over a decade ago and I was like 20 when I saw my birth chart for the first time and it blew my mind and I just, Became immediately obsessed. I didn’t sleep that night. I just stayed up on Google. I went through every single Google page result about my birth chart. I was trying to learn as much as I could, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. 

How to learn Astrology on your own

Grace: I hear you. It’s really easy to go into the black hole of the internet just to find more about yourself and there’s so many different sources and I’m wondering what resources would you send to people, to anyone that’s interested in learning more about astrology?

Kirah: That’s a great question cuz it is so hard to figure out where to start. Cuz I’m like, I dip my toes into human design sometimes and I’m like, I wouldn’t even know. What, where to begin. I’m really grateful. I have a lot of friends who are human design readers who just answer my questions basically.

But, yeah. When it comes to astrology, first of all, there’s so many different types of astrology and types of astrologers, and so figuring out what you’re even interested in is kind of first, and then I would say, find an astrologer that you really like or a couple that you really like, or find one you really like and who they are friends with or interacting with and follow those people. But I like to start off by saying I’m a traditional astrologer. So my practice is rooted in the Hellenistic tradition, which is basically like a thousand BC to about 100 AD that time period in Ancient Egypt. I wanna say Greece, the Greeks took over, but it was developed in Egypt.

But anyway, that’s what my practice is based in, and I always highly, highly, highly recommend if you’re starting out on astrology, learn traditional astrology, which yeah, Hellenistic astrology is under the umbrella of traditional astrology, and basically, I say that because it’s what we know astrology is, it’s what it’s rooted in, right? It’s like we’re going back to the basics, back to the roots of the tradition, and it just makes astrology so much easier to understand if you’re learning the tradition basically. Otherwise, it’s kind of like learning backwards. I think a lot of us millennials who are very much traditional astrologers, we learned modern astrology, we learned evolutionary astrology, we learned all this more psychological type of astrology first, and then came to traditional. And a lot of us were like, basically there’s a lot of unlearning you have to do in order to come back to the basics. So I always recommend starting with traditional astrology and then resource-wise how I learned for free was the astrology podcast. It is probably the best resource we have in terms of learning traditional astrology. So there’s over 400 episodes. I’ve been listening since the beginning. Basically I was on a recent episode, I’m found on a couple episodes. But yeah, it’s such a great resource. And then on top of that, I would say my podcast Astrology Show, which I just, I renamed it, but if you search for the Astrology Show, I have a lot of really good fundamental episodes as well. But yeah, other than that, I would say just finding astrologers that you really vibe with and connect with and see, what resources they might have to offer or what resources they are recommending.

Grace: Yeah, those are some really great tips. And you mentioned human design, which I think has an astrology component to it. Is that correct? 

Kirah: Yeah. Don’t ask me about it though. I don’t know. It definitely does though. But it is such, it’s like a totally different system. I literally know so little. I just know a little bit about my own design basically, and what I’ve learned from readings and stuff like that.

But it’s what I will say about human design is, It offers something that astrology doesn’t, and I don’t even know exactly how to put my finger on that, but it offers like strategy and just more actionable sort of steps, I think to like astrology can be interpreted so many different ways and I guess human design can too, but it is a little bit more like prescriptive and clear as to like how to use information and it’s been literally life changing. It’s been really amazing learning about my design, so I’ll say that. I just don’t really have much offer in terms of how it all works. 

Grace: Yeah, yeah. I feel like you’re right in that astrology and even tarot has a lot of ways to interpret the messages that are coming through, and I do feel like human design is much more about just understanding how to survive in your every day, or just understanding your capabilities within your human self. But what I find interesting is that all of these things are interrelated. So even some of the tarot cards have astrology relation to them. Whether a card is, like the Strength card is assigned to the sign Leo, and you can make those correlations to gain deeper meaning. 

 Naysayers with Astrology

And so I’m wondering for you what do you say to the naysayers that don’t believe in astrology?

Kirah: Yeah. It’s funny cause I used to get kind of upset about it and want to convince people. Basically, I would always wanna convince people. Now I’m just like, sucks that you’re close-minded, sucks that you aren’t open to the magic of what this practice has to offer. Yeah, I think what I say is usually like, I usually affirm their disbelief, honestly, in a lot of ways. I’m like, yeah, I get it. Like it kind of seems a little crazy, you know? Like it would make sense if you knew nothing at all about astrology besides the fact that there are 12 signs and everyone kind of falls into these 12 categories and like yeah, kind of makes sense to be skeptical of that, to call bullshit on that.

But my thing is, have you done any sort of research? Like have you gone past that point or are you stopping at this has to be bullshit. Oh, sorry for the cursing, but this has to be BS so therefore I’m not gonna even investigate. That’s for me. I’m like, if you’re not going to investigate it, then don’t talk about it.

If you’re not gonna see why you hate it so much or whatever, why you don’t believe in it, then keep your mouth shut. I don’t say that necessarily to people, but that’s how I feel. But yeah, when it comes to what to say to people, I usually am, I’m just not gonna argue. If someone wants to argue it with me, I’ll just say, I’m not gonna argue this. Like, this is what I do for a living. It’s obviously a very real thing for me. So don’t be rude. 

Grace: Yeah, I would say the last person I had that type of conversation with was with this guy off a dating app, and he was so adamant that astrology does not exist and that if I were to really believe it in astrology to believe that there are now 13 signs and it was really, a really hard conversation just because he was so set in his ways and didn’t seem like he wanted to be open-minded. But the thing that got me is that he’s super into astronomy. 

Kirah: Of course! 

Grace: The stars, which are related! 

Kirah: I mean, does he get that astronomers and astrologers were essentially one and the same way back when we used, like when we were figuring this stuff out thousands of years ago, like, why do you think people were so interested in the stars? That’s because they saw them as omens, like they attach belief to them. That is so frustrating. I had that happen to me last summer with a guy in Germany that I was talking to. Cause I was traveling for a bit last summer and yeah. Just, oh, I’m way too rational and logical to believe in astrology. Like I’ll never in a million years believe in that. And it’s like, cool. You don’t have to believe in it. It’s literally just a system that already exists. It’s been existing for thousands of years. Like you don’t have to believe in it. That’s fine. It’s still works. It still happens without your beliefs. 

Grace: Yeah, the world is still going round and round, but I feel like if it’s a system that’s helping you understand yourself better, why not embrace a belief system and ideology that just enhances your life in some way? Why shut it down? 

Kirah: Yeah, I think people get really up in arms about being like typecasted. There’s people out here who think astrology is like fascist. It’s truly, they’re like, oh, this is just fascism. You’re putting people into buckets and categories. That’s not how fascism works but regardless, yeah, again, I can empathize with people who think that’s all that it is. Cause if that is all that it is, then yeah, can easily call BS on it too.

But yeah, I think what I tend to come back to with people who wanna have this discussion with me is like, do you even know what you’re talking about? What do you know about the subject besides your weird opinions about it that you’ve probably just regurgitating other men talk. You gonna say about it? Do you actually know anything about this topic? Because I’m an expert, right? So if you wanna come to me with this thing that you know so well isn’t true or real or whatever, come to me with some actual points. Otherwise, I’m just going to smile and walk away. 

What if you don’t resonate with your Sun Sign

Grace: So what do you say to people that don’t resonate with their Sun sign and don’t wanna be type casted as this way or that way and contain multitudes to their personality?

Kirah: Yeah, I mean, I think it’s important that people understand that. What we as astrologists are doing are, we’re not just saying like all Aries are the same, all Libras are the same. There’s so much more to you and who you are than just this one aspect of your personality, basically, which is your Sun sign. Of course. I would explain what a bird chart is. What we’re looking at is the entire cosmos, basically the entire solar system. From the perspective of where you were when you were born, where you were in space and time at that moment you were born, like what did the sky look like essentially? And then as astrologers, we’re looking at as above, so below, so what does that have to say about who you are, your timing in life and how your fate plays out essentially?

So yeah, I would say as astrologers, we’re doing much more than just looking at 12 categories and telling someone their whole life based on that. It’s so much more intricate and yeah, it’s a whole system. There’s so much more to it. 

How to decide what area to focus on in Astrology

Grace: Yeah, so I’ve been going through a certification in business astrology and something that I really appreciate is there are a lot of technical aspects to learning astrology and there’s so many ways to draw patterns, and I do feel like having a training of some sort is really helpful and just learning the basics. But for anyone who wants to dive deeper, how did you decide which area that you wanted to focus in and what area that you are an expert in astrology? 

Kirah: Yeah. I mean, it does take so much time. It takes a lot of time just practice really to figure out what area to go in. There’s so many different ways you can go with astrology, you can do financial astrology, look at the stock markets. You can do mundane and just look at world events and predicting world events. You can do natal astrology and do consults with people, clients one-on-one. You can do natal astrology and focus on things like evolutionary astrology and your soul’s evolution and growth. You can do what I do, which is more of timing based astrology. So I’m looking at what’s going on in your life right now and what’s to come. I do a lot of predictive type stuff too, so there’s so many different.

Ways you can go, you could decide you wanna teach, you could decide you wanna write. I’ve done it all. But for me it was a huge part was just learning traditional astrology. Number one, I learned astrology, I started in 2012, but I didn’t get to traditional astrology until 2014-2015, and that was when things really started to come together for me, and the astrology started to make sense.

Traditional astrology allows you to understand like the why’s behind a lot of things. Why is Venus like that? Why are my Jupiter transits like this? 

Current transits to look out for

Grace: Speaking of Jupiter transits. It’s been intense. Can you tell us about the current transits and what’s freaking going on? Because I feel like Jupiter entered Taurus, which is in my 12th House. And basically all of last week I felt like I was in an Ayahuasca Ceremony except in my waking life. So can you please explain what is going on in the stars right now? 

Kirah: Yeah. I wanted to see if I had your chart in here, but I don’t. But yeah. What’s going on in the stars right now? There’s a lot. I mean, honestly, it’s pretty, it’s relatively, 

Grace: I can give you my chart if you want. 

Kirah: I’ll pull it up in a sec. But just to speak on. Where we’re at right now, like this is honestly a relatively chill period astrologically. Not to say that everything’s great, but I just did this forecast episode for the Astrology podcast, like forecasting the whole month of June, and it is relatively chill compared to the rest of this year.

But I will say what you might be feeling? Yeah, I guess it depends on what you’re feeling because I think one of the hardest things that we’ve been moving through the past couple of days, we have the Sun Saturn Square. That’s been happening. That’s kind of rough but yeah, overall we just have Gemini season, we have Mars and Leo, like finally out of Cancer and martians like you, like me, people who are ruled by, who have a lot of like Aries or Scorpio or just a lot of Mars in their chart. We’ve been, it’s not been easy for the martians the past, I would even say the past year, almost year. Cause we had Mars retrograde starting October through January. Then we had Mars in fall and Cancer. And so it’s finally getting out of a really bad place that’s been in for a long time.

So, yeah, I don’t know. There’s a lot of things shifting right now, basically, and it’s like we’re all kind of leading up to the next big thing, which is in July, we’ll have Venus retrograde. A lot of things change in July. Basically, we’ll have Venus retrograde. The nodes are gonna shift signs from Scorpio in Taurus, Aries in Libra. About a week before the retrograde starts, we’ll have another Mercury retrograde. This fall or in August? Yeah, so June is actually kind of our month to sort of like reground, recenter, come back to yourself, processing everything that’s been happening the first half of this year and cuz then we get another pivot again once we get into the summertime. Does that make sense? Is that helpful? 

Grace: Yeah, I probably am going through just some really personal transits in my chart. 

Kirah: Yeah. It’s probably something hitting you specifically difficult. Yeah. You’re a Gemini rising actually. Yeah. Let me look at yours.

Grace: I am a Gemini rising. I think because Taurus is my 12th House, felt like there was a lot of purging happening for me. 

Kirah: Oh yeah, that’s what you were talking about. So Jupiter and into your 12th. Yeah, I personally really like a 12th House Jupiter Transit for being able to come back to yourself like mentally. It’s really good for reconnecting spiritually and mentally. It’s very, what’s the word I’m looking for? When planets move through your 12th House, you’re encouraged to let yourself fall apart a little bit. Like the 12th Houses are undoing, It’s our mental health. It’s that space that we occupy in our brains, in our head that is far removed from everything else in our world, in our lives.

So Jupiter, coming to your 12th is really expanding your cognition of that space of that sort of like mental health in your brain space. And right now, especially Jupiter is like, it’s conjunct the north node, so it’s just really extra right now. You might just be really feeling that, but it will start to like chill out and get better. But yeah, Jupiter in the fall can be really good for like retreats and just like getting away from things and like a lot of mental healing, a lot of mental health healing and yeah, reconnecting spiritually, stuff like that. Yeah. 

Grace: Yeah. I’m feeling all of it. 

Kirah: Just wait. Next year you’ll have it in your first, so that gets exciting. Around this time next year, Jupiter will go into Gemini. 

Grace: I am counting down the days. It’s already marked on my calendar. 

Kirah reads Grace’s chart

Kirah: Yeah. Yeah. It’s a lot. Gemini risings a feeling for you guys. I have a lot of Gemini rising friends. 

Grace: So something you mentioned is we’re both martians and I am a Gemini rising, so a lot of what I read about astrology is that my ruling planet would be Mercury. Is that something that you agree with? Versus my Sun sign is Aries. 

Kirah: Yeah, can I get your chart again? Your April?

Grace: March 24th. 

Kirah: Oh, March. Okay. 

Kirah: Yeah, I know, I remember looking at your chart for the first time, cuz we met at, like, I just remembered that we met like doing readings at like an event or something, right? And we were, we had tables close to each other. 

Grace: We met at a hangout actually between you, me and Erin Johnson. And you read our progressions. 

Kirah: No, but we met before that. I think we met. Yeah, cuz I think that’s where I got this deck of yours. We were both doing readings. I think it was at, remember the witchy, like Halloween type of event, like market or whatever in Philly that they would put on.

Grace: Yeah. Yeah. 

Kirah: Do you remember that? So I was doing readings. I think you were selling merch, you were selling your decks or something like that. And I think I gave you a reading, like one of the last readings I did or something. I remember really liking your work and introducing myself to you and being like, oh, I love your work. Like, and then I give you a reading or something. 

Grace: You know, it’s all coming back. 

Kirah: Maybe we did a trade. 

Grace: I think we did a trade. 

Kirah: Yeah. 

Grace: That’s awesome. 

Kirah: Yeah, and then we met Erin. We like met again at some point with Erin a couple years ago, but yeah. Oh, sorry. 

Kirah: Okay, cool. Yeah, Pisces Moon. Yeah. Okay. And then your Mercury and Aries is your chart ruler. Yeah. So I’m actually huge on chart rulers. I love talking about them. I’ve done workshops about the ruling planet, or chart ruler is the planet that rules the ascendant or the rising sign. So yeah, as a Gemini rising, that’s Mercury for you. And you have Mercury in Aries, up there with your Sun in the 11th House of your chart. So the thing about the chart ruler is… Oh, that’s so funny. Okay, sorry. My best friend is also an Aries Sun Gemini Rising and yeah, just you guys have some similar configurations in your chart. But anyway, so yeah, your chart ruler or your, what was the other word phrase you were using? Chart ruler?

Grace: Chart Ruler. 

Kirah: Ruling planet. I also call it the L1, the lord of the 1st House. So it’s a planet that represents you and your chart, especially the way that I do astrology. The more traditional way your chart represents you, but it also represents everything in your life and all the other.

People in your life and the places and the things. And so when we look at your chart, we look wanna see what planet represents you. That’s the chart ruler. And basically the way I would look at that is like, okay, what sign is it in? What house is it in? What is the condition of this? Planet cuz that’s gonna describe you, your identity, where we find you in life, what you look like, how other people perceive you, all the things.

So with Mercury and Aries in the 11th house, it’s like, well, Mercury as a planet, the archetype of Mercury is the messenger, it’s the Magician and the tarot and, there’s a planet that has a lot to do with giving and receiving information, connections. Yeah, that type of thing. And so we have that planet in Aries and the 11th House too.

So basically it’s like where we, where do we find you in your life? We find you in this 11th house space, which has a lot to do with community and friendships and networks and being one of many, essentially. And so, Yeah, that kind of does describe you. And I think also with the Sun being there too, in areas in the 11th house, it gives, there’s just such a big 11th house emphasis in your chart, which to me is like, again, there’s this really important connection to your community, your people, and then we look to the ruler of your 11th house and be like, who are your people?

Who is your community? Well, we look to that Mars. Where’s Mars in Aquarius? In the 9th House. What’s the 9th House? Spirituality, astrology, teaching, sharing, media. So yeah, it just makes a lot of sense that your community is comprised of these spiritual people. That’s where we find you is like amongst community, amongst friends, and being the one who’s making connections. The Mercury, the one who’s making connections, the one who’s sharing information, literally what you’re doing right now in this podcast. So yeah, that’s how I start to look at the chart ruler and again, it has a lot to do with your identity, how you identify yourself, basically you’re someone who is a connector of people, you know?

Grace: I have been feeling that much, much more nowadays. I actually feel like that’s one of my superpowers, just connecting people. 

Kirah: Yeah. It’s, it makes sense. I mean, especially as Jupiter just finished up in Aries too, so that probably brought a lot of expansion to that space as well. We’re gonna start getting eclipses here soon, so there’s just a lot more to come there.

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Grace: Yeah. So can you tell us more about eclipses? And by the way, thank you for that. That was really awesome. 

Kirah: Oh yeah. 

Grace: And if anyone wants to book a reading, please book it with Kirah. 

What are eclipses

Kirah: Yeah. Oh yeah, so eclipses like, where do I start with eclipses? Yeah. They’re such intense, for lack of a better word, portals, but basically what they are, it’s these moments where the Sun, Moon, and Earth form alignment basically. So if it’s a Solar Eclipse, it’s the Moon moving in between basically blocking out the light of the Sun. That’s the easiest way to put it. It’s the Moon blocking out the light of the Sun. And that can only happen if they’re all in the same plane in the sky. So that’s a Solar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth passes in between the Sun and the Moon basically. So the shadow of the Earth is cast onto the Moon and the Moon becomes eclipse. It gets dark cuz of the shadow of the Earth. And yeah, an eclipse, this is essentially a moment where the lights of our lives, the Sun and the Moon, the Sun or the Moon become dark. They become eclipse. We can’t see that light and they’re super powerful moments or super powerful times, if you think about it, like before we knew what the hell was happening thousands of years ago, like you would just be out and about and all of a sudden a big black circle would start to cover up the Sun.

And then everything goes dark in the middle of the day and all the animals freak out. And like imagine how terrifying that would be. Same with the Moon. You see this bright Full Moon and then all of a sudden it goes dark and like dark red. Like that’s terrifying. But yeah, basically they signal these like moments of major change amongst other things.

So I’m not gonna get into all of it, like the political things. People talk about solar eclipses and the Fall of Kings, which did happen. If you think about the big solar eclipse we had here in the US 2017, after number 45 was elected. And the eclipse path cut like a line in the middle of the country, right? It was like literally cut the country in half. And of course, our former president stared at it without glasses on. But anyway, it kind of. I’m not saying the eclipse was his downfall. Definitely there’s been plenty of eclipses and he was actually born on a lunar eclipse, so he has some eclipse magic within him. But I will just say, yeah, they often signal like the fall of a king, that type of thing, or a leader. But in our personal lives where the eclipse is taking place, you can expect there to be some major changes in the area of life. So whether it’s it really depends on if it’s a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse.

If it’s North node or South Node eclipses. But talking about we’ve been in this Eclipse series that we’re in since November of 2021. We’ve been in the Scorpio Taurus eclipse cycle where the South Node’s been in Scorpio and the North Node’s been in Taurus. And it’s been an especially rough one for a variety of reasons, mainly. Saturn was involved, Saturn was squaring the nodes, Uranus in Taurus on the North Node. They were squaring each other so much strife around change and needing change to happen, and knowing that change needs to happen, but not knowing how to get there and feeling stuck and all that. So that’s finally coming to a close. Thank God. 

And we have our last one of those in the fall, we’ll have our final eclipse in Taurus and then we’re done with those for eight years, nine years. But we’re moving into a new eclipse cycle. So on July 17th of this year, the nodes will shift, the North Node will enter Aries, and the South Node is gonna enter Libra.

And we’ll start having eclipses and Aries in Libra. So you can look at those parts of your chart. The houses I use, whole sign houses, but in terms of the house system. But use whatever you want. But yeah, the Aries part of your life basically is getting the North Node and North Node eclipses, so we can expect increase. The North Node is associated with the concept of increase. I like to think of it as like turning up the volume on that area of life. Things are gonna get louder there and yeah, just more energy flowing into that part of your life. There’s a hunger there. Whereas the South Node, where the South Node hits in your chart, it’s where right now is in Scorpio, is gonna go into Libra. That’s where we see decreased. So element, I Like to say it’s turning down the volume, and it doesn’t mean that it’s gonna cease to exist, it’s just that there’s an element of release, letting go, purging, flushing, throwing away, in that part of your life. And that can sound really scary. So what I like to offer is, really what that whole process is about is refinement. You can think about it as letting go, whatever, releasing. But really it’s about refinement. It’s like letting go of the things that just aren’t working, are not gonna be working in the future. So let it go and then what you’re left with in the end is something that is meant to stay, basically.

So yeah, looking at the areas, Libra places in our charts and knowing that we’re gonna get a lot of increase in the area. In the areas area and a lot of decrease are letting go in the Libra area. We’ll see those eclipses. We already had our Aries eclipse in April, so we’re gonna be having this eclipses through 2024.

Rituals as an Astrologer

Grace: Yeah. So as an astrologer, what are some of your favorite rituals? Because I know some people like to do rituals on the New Moon or Full Moon, or if you’re seeing certain aspects in the sky like. Let’s say Sun Square Saturn, like you mentioned, how do we honor those energies and how do you honor those energies in your life?

Kirah: That’s a good question. Yeah, I think I started to laugh cuz I’m like, I’m about to post. I was talking about this on my podcast, and I think I’m gonna post about it on Friday, but the first time I ever did like a Venus ritual prayer thing, was about five years ago. Exactly, actually it was June 1st, 2018.

And, yeah, I was in the first time experimenting with something like that and I did it cuz there was a specific configuration happening. It was Venus in Cancer, Trine Jupiter in Scorpio, Trine Neptune in Pisces and we’re having that come up again, except it’s just the Moon in Scorpio instead of Jupiter. But that’s happening this Friday and Friday is Venus Day and there’s just, there’s a lot of parallels to that time five years ago. 

And the reason I bring it up is cuz I did that and then the next I just asked for very generic things like love, money. Like I want love and money. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but the next day I made quite a bit of money doing readings at this event and then to kind of like celebrate. I took myself to my favorite bar and met my ex at the bar. So I did get love and money. I don’t like my ex, but I did at the time, I guess. And now I’m like, okay, I think I’m gonna do that again and be a lot more specific now that I know the potential of something like that. But that’s something that just came to mind. 

But yeah, I think something that a lot of us astrologers and sort of my cohort, I say my cohort meaning like basically my friends, people who. Studied under similar astrologers and people I’ve connected with, a lot of us are really into astrological magic. It’s become a huge thing within the community.

Shout out to Austin Coppock and Kaitlin Coppock, who I believe are like the main reasons why people are obsessed with it now within our little niche community. But astrological magic is really cool. I mean, I’m wearing a talisman right now is Venus Talisman that was created using magic. But basically a very, very, very simple way to connect with planets is by kind of honoring them on their planetary day.

So some people might know all the seven days of the week are named after the planets, the seven visible planets, and you can do little things. On any given day to honor that planet. So today we’re recording this on Tuesday, which is Mars Day. I have a Mars Tasman I might wanna wear on Mars Day. Really simple way to connect the Mars on Mars Day is wear red. Just wear red to do things that are martian, like cutting, be chopping vegetables, anything having to do with cutting, chopping, severing, that type of thing. Shooting. It doesn’t have to be with a gun, it could be with the camera.

But yeah, there’s this, and of course, working out. I have a personal trainer. I do my sessions on Tuesdays for a reason, cuz it’s Mars Day and I’m gonna be lifting weights, which is very martian, exerting that energy. But yeah, wearing red is like the easiest way to honor Mars on Mars Day.

I’m a big Venus girl. I’m, I think, most devoted to Venus in terms of the deities or planets that I connect to the most. So I’m a big Venus girl and I have done things in the past, like on Fridays, you wear green for Venus. I also just like to look cuter on Fridays for Venus, cuz Venus is the planet of love and beauty. There’s also, every planet has an orphic hymn, so I often will recite the orphic hymn to Venus. Just on Venus Day or Venus Hour, there’s planetary hours as well. Light a candle, beautify myself basically on Venus days and hours. You can give offerings to planets too. I think the easiest way is to do their planetary day, like honor that planet on their day.

And then there’s things like. The Venus retrograde coming up in July. I will not ask much from Venus when Venus is retrograde. Things like that. When a planet’s not doing too well, you can do things like offering what I just said, it offering offer do give offerings, and also do things like planetary charity is another really awesome way to connect with the planet, which would be like donating to the children of that planet with Mars, a lot of people do. Mars is connected with wolves. Mars is connected with war veterans. So donating to like a veteran’s charity, if you’re trying to fortify the Moon, you might give charity to organizations that help single mothers, or that help feed people, help feed children. Things that haven’t have to do with the Moon, which is like mothering or parenting, I should say, feeding food, that type of thing. 

So, yeah, there’s a lot of different ways you can work with the planets and connect with them and create ritual around them. Those are just top of mind for me and things that I’ve done in the past, but there’s so much you could do.

Grace: That’s really beautiful. Yeah.

Kirah: Thanks. 

Grace: Yeah, because something that I’ve been thinking about and introducing into my own life is just like everyday magic. And since there is a planet assigned to a day, essentially, you could introduce planetary magic every single day. And depending on the planet how fast they move depending on their the word is slipping me, but do you know what I mean? Rotation? 

Kirah: Like their cycle. Yeah, you can use that. 

Grace: Yeah. So depending on a planet’s rotation, because I do feel like that can impact how fast you might feel these energies affect your life. But I also feel like what I’m hearing from you is about the intention of connecting to a planetary energy in that the astrology doesn’t necessarily have to have this control over you, and you can cultivate that energy that you would like to have with that planet, because I feel like sometimes people like to blame. Let’s say mercury retrograde, like that gets a bad rep, like every time it comes around. But something about Mercury retrograde that’s kind of nice is that you can take a backseat to all the emailing, all the texting to redefining your relationship, to technology and I think some people don’t want to take accountability for themselves and just blame it on whatever planet is doing whatever. 

Kirah: Yeah. I think especially with Mercury but with any sort of transit, it’s like there is a reason for this. I mean, a lot of times it really does feel like Mercury is just, screwing with us for fun cuz Mercury is a trickster planet, so we gotta let Mercury be a trickster sometimes. But yeah, I think with the retrograde, it’s like, yeah, you’re gonna find a lot of things to blame Mercury for if you’re not slowing down and honoring the fact that Mercury is slowed down and backward. You’re gonna keep trying to push things forward, like things are not gonna work out as well for you and you’re gonna have to blame Mercury for that. But if you’re able to sort of, especially people like you, people who are ruled by Mercury, slow down with Mercury, slow down as Mercury slows down, pivot as Mercury pivot, and go with the pace of the planet in question, especially during retrogrades. Then you can adjust your expectations and work with it as opposed to against it, have it work for you. So yeah, that’s how I feel about that. 

Chart rulers

Grace: To go back to that question because I’m not sure if it was answered.

Kirah: Sure, yeah. 

Grace: If I’m a Sun in Aries, am I ruled by my Sun or by my rising sign planetary ruler, which is Mercury? 

Kirah: Part of me is like, oh, it’s semantics. But to me, if you’re ruled by your Sun you’re Leo Rising. You’re only ruled by the Sun if you’re Leo Rising. But yeah, I would look at Mercury as your ruler. The Sun is an important part of your chart. Of course, it’s important part of who you are and how you show up. The Sun has a lot more to do with how you’re seen when you’re shining, when you’re in that space, but also, The Sun has a lot to do with how you see, literally the Sun and the Moon are related to our eyes. The Sun’s right eye, Moon’s a left eye. So I think of them, the luminaries, the lights of our life. They have a lot to do with how we perceive the world around us, and especially the Sun has a lot to do with our more rational perception because thinking about what the Sun does, it lights things up so we can see them. It gives things life, it gives things light, it gives things warmth, vitality, vibrancy, all of that. And so it has a lot to do with our ability when things are lit up, we can actually like make sense of them and see them and make rational, logical choices and decisions based off of that.

The Moon. Especially for people born during the daytime, like you and I, the Moon is more of our subconscious awareness. So, but again, both still our lights both still have to do with like where we see and how we see. So your chart ruler is again, it’s that planet that. Is directly connected to you and who you are.

I like to say it’s your avatar or you are an avatar for that planet, which is probably more accurate because you are Mercury, mercury is you, your partners in life, whether it be your business partner, romantic partners, just people who you partner up with, they are Jupiter. They are that Jupiter in Cancer. So there’s this inherent tension between you and the other. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, right? But there’s a Square there. You’re this Mercury and Aries, they are the Jupiter in Cancer and they are squaring each other, right? So like that’s a dynamic that’s gonna always play out in your relationships. I also have a square to my first house and seventh house ruler. And again, that doesn’t mean that square’s not bad. Squares are actually very dynamic and they kind of push us into action. But yeah, that’s how I’m looking at your chart. 

Your Moon. Your Moon in Pisces, that is obviously your Moon. It has a lot to do with how you process things, what you need to feel comfortable and safe and like, say like the Moon is how we feed ourselves, how we nourish ourselves, all of that. But the Moon also is responsible for your money. It rolls your second house. So like we see, where’s your money in life? How do we’re looking for timing around money and all of that.

We’re looking to your Moon and Pisces. So yeah, that’s why I’m like, It’s your Sun is your Sun. Your Sun also has responsibilities in your chart, is responsible for your 3rd House and your IC (Imum Coeli), your South Node. But it’s not responsible for your body in the same way that Mercury is, right? Like your Mercury is responsible for what you look like, like literally just like your body and how you move through the world. The Sun’s not responsible for that for you. For Leo Risings, it is. For me, it’s Jupiter. My Jupiter and Virgo is my chart ruler, so yeah. 

Using Astrology for Predictions

Grace: Very cool. Yeah. And so you mentioned that you specialize in timing, and so what would you look for in somebody’s chart, and would you consider this to be predictive?

Kirah: Yeah, yeah, it is predictive. And I have notes in front of me right now for my last reading because what I typically do is the timing’s really based on what’s coming up for you and also what you’re interested in too. So I usually will, in a reading I’ll go through the main pillars of people’s lives. I always start with work, usually what are you doing for work? If you’re working, what’s your family situation like? Are you close with them? What’s your relationships like? Are you dating or whatever. Kind of ask all these like major pillars and then especially depending on what they’re most interested in, we’ll look at timing around those specific things.

So if someone’s like, I really wanna move, I fucking hate my apartment, I will look to their 4th House, their IC, the ruler of their 4th House or IC and look for timing based on that. There is some, if there’s about to be eclipses in their 4th House, I’m like, yeah, you’re about to move. There’s a lot of ways to look at timing, but that’s essentially how I approach it. It’s like, what do we wanna look at timing? Like what are we gonna look at? And then also there’s just like the general year ahead where I can just see certain things are gonna come up for certain people just based on their chart and where the planets are and what I know is happening. So, yeah. Does that make sense?

Grace: Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. I mean, I’m sure there’s so much more to dive into and definitely check out Kirah’s courses and all of her offerings to get even deeper into that. So I just wanna wrap up with some rapid fire questions and also the collective reading. 

✨ Kirah’s Big Three

What is your big three?

Kirah: Yeah, so I’m a snob about it. I hate the term big three. I call it SMR, Sun, Moon, Rising. And I do that because my chart rulers in Virgo, I just really like the uniformity of saying the things in the same order the whole time. But anyway, Sun Moon Rising is, I’m a Scorpio Sun, I’m an Aries Moon, and a Pisces Rising.

Grace: Ooh, beautiful, deep. I feel like those are very deep like signs. 

Kirah: Yeah. At least the Scorpio and Aries, I mean, Scorpio and Pisces. I don’t know about the Aries. What do you think? Do you think Aries is deep? 

Grace: Yes. Scorpio definitely deep in Pisces as well with the, I feel like imagination. I think that is what I resonate with the Pisces Moon. I feel like Aries Sun for me, is really stepping into this like inner child into my waking life, and there’s some parity about the inner child and just like letting her play, you know? 

Kirah: Yeah. I so connect with that. I always say my Moon keeps me young because there is this connection to just, like, Aries is like the just do it sign, right? Like it’s literally about just not thinking, just doing, just taking action and yeah, there is this sort of innocence, or what’s the word I’m looking for? The instinct like that Aries had to just like do, like I, I love that. So connect with that. 

Grace: Yeah. And sometimes it gets me in trouble. I don’t know about you.

Kirah: Of course, of course. 

Grace: Yeah. But sometimes you just gotta! 

Kirah: We’re meant to get in trouble. 

Grace: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. 


Advice for Younger Self

If you had advice for your younger self, what would you say? 

Kirah: Ooh, that’s a good question. Don’t get into so much credit card debt. No, but besides that, I would say, these men aren’t worth your time girly. Stop crying over them. They’re not worth it. Say that louder with the people in the back. I was at this like club a couple weeks ago. It wasn’t even whatever. I was out with some people in Brooklyn and ended up like, I was like in the VIP again, I’m not a VIP girl, but I just ended up here and there was this 19 year old girl in this section and we just started talking and she’s like, I’m 19. I was like, how did you get in here? She’s like, I have a fake ID whatever. And it ended up me just yelling at her over the music being like, don’t waste your time on these dumb men. Like if I could tell myself one thing and she’s like, I know, there’s this guy, I’m like, he is not worth it. You’re a 10. Don’t waste your time unless he’s a 10. So anyway, that’s what I would tell myself that it’s a waste of time. Like it’s a waste of time. 

Grace: That’s hilarious. And she needed to hear it. 

Kirah: She really did. 

✨ Collective Tarot & Astrology Reading from Kirah

Grace: Yeah. So would you like to honor us with a collective tarot reading?

Kirah: Sure. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I haven’t done this like in a long time. Yeah, I’m using, you might have heard of it, Mystic Mondays. 

Grace: You know? That deck. 

Kirah: This deck. I’m pretty sure I got this from you from a trade, which is so fun. I’m gonna see what message that spirit has to offer for everyone today. 

I knew it. It was had to be my least favorite card. It just had to be, and this is the Scorpio. This is like my deck in card too. The third deck in a Scorpio. So it hits. Yeah. Okay. Seven of Cups. I just hate the sevens in general. I hate every seven in the tarot. 

Grace: Why is that? 

Kirah: I think it’s my Aries Moon. I just feel impatient whenever a seven comes up. I’m like, I don’t want this. Like, when am I gonna get there? Because for me, sevens are very much that point in the cycle of like, you’re kind of on the right direction, but there’s still so many things that you have to do before we get to the end result.

That’s how I feel like a seven is. And yeah, the Seven of Cups in particular, I hate this card because it speaks to having a lot of options. Basically. It’s like really about exploring your options and not necessarily landing on one. It’s about processing your options basically. And I think that’s kind of what gets you to the next step cuz you can really see what your desires are, like, what you actually want and need through that process. But again, my inpatient ass, I don’t wanna do the process, I just wanna be there. But yeah, in general that’s what I would say. And you know, I’m an astrologer first.

 I learned tarot, I guess. Yeah. Five years ago is when I started, five, six years ago. But, I always will wanna connect this to what’s happening in the current skies. So thinking about, again, that Sun Saturn Square that we’re moving out of, as well as this Jupiter North Node conjunction. To me it’s like very much about their well with the Sun Saturn, it’s like kind of feeling constrained by your options and feeling like there’s a choice to be made or there a decision to be made and not really showing what the right choice would be. And similarly with what’s happening in Taurus with Jupiter on the North Node, and then Mercury’s also coming to conjoin Uranus this weekend.

And there’s just so much like frenetic energy happening there in Taurus right now. And again, it doesn’t mean that you have to make a decision on anything. It doesn’t mean that you have to pull the trigger. And I guess this is saying like, not yet, exploring your options, exploring the different paths that you could take is exactly where you should be.

Grace: I love that. Yeah, I love that you’re tying tarot and astrology together and also, I have so many thoughts. One, maybe the choices are good so that you don’t cry over that one guy.

Kirah: Yeah. Maybe you have like a lot of really good options on your roster right now. 

Grace: Yeah. That could be in summer starting, it’s just time to have fun. The other thought that’s coming to me is, Saturn’s a teacher planet, so perhaps you have to go through all of these options to discover what is really meant for you. 

Kirah: Definitely, definitely. When it comes to Saturn, that’s pretty much always the case. It’s going to take a while. That’s just the nature of Saturn. It’s on my ascendant right now. It’s like coming up to my ascendant, so I’ve been really in Saturn land a lot lately with Saturn, it’s timing is everything. I just feel like the Seven of Cups is like, take your time, look at all the cups and see which one you like the best. 

Where to Find Kirah

Grace: Yeah. Amazing. Well, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us and your unique way of viewing astrology and your magic. And so where can people find you? 

Kirah: Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. People can find me. I’m in the middle of like a weird, like I wanna change my Instagram handle, but I can’t space cause I’ve been trying to change over all my handles and URL but I don’t know, Meta is annoying. You’re verified right?

Grace: Yes. 

Kirah: And you can’t change anything. It’s annoying.

Grace: I didn’t realize that. 

Kirah: Yeah. I was like really ready to change my handle. But anyway, I’m @thestrology on Instagram. That’s the astrology, no A. And then my podcast, Cosmic Guidance for All is also on Instagram and anywhere you watch or listen to podcasts. And then I have my Twitter @kirahworld. I haven’t posted any TikTok yet, but I’m planning on it. So you can follow me there And then my URL is, so you can just type in in your URL that’s my website. And you can book readings there and all the things.

Grace: Amazing. Is that what you would change your handle to if you could?

Kirah: Yeah, but some newborn baby already took it. It took a whole thing. I’ve been trying, I almost had it, like I thought, I searched for it, it was fine. And then, I searched for it again and there’s a baby account that has that. 

Grace: Aww, booo. 

Kirah: I’ve been trying to figure it out. It’s a whole thing. But yeah, and then there’s @kirahworld is taken by some like really famous Brazilian Kirah model girl, so I’m figuring it out. But right now it’s @thestrology on Instagram and probably be like that for a bit.

Grace: Amazing. Well, thank you so much and chat soon. 

Kirah: Yeah, thank you.

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