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Today’s GRACED podcast episode, we talk about the themes of the Empress card with Raven Rose – a womb healer, kambo practitioner, and menstrual health herbalist. The themes of the Empress card include creativity, fertility, goddess energy and how to embody that within one’s own body. This could mean healing the womb space, understanding your relationship to your body and how that impacts your creativity.


00:00 Intro

01:47 Interview with Raven begins

02:25 Raven’s journey with womb healing

05:26 Transforming pain into purpose

07:10 Connecting with ancestors

16:05 The power of meditation

18:59 The power of self-awareness and the words we speak

20:53 The Empress and birthing a new cycle

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32:23 Connecting to your womb space as your creative center

35:06 Raven’s Sun, Moon, Rising

32:23 Connecting to your womb space as your creative center

37:33 Grace gives Raven a Tarot Reading

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Full Transcript:



Hello hello! Welcome to the GRACED podcast where where we infuse everyday magic into your everyday life through rituals and wellness, tarot, astrology, business, and so much more.

Today’s guest is Raven Rose, a womb healer, Kambo practitioner, and menstrual health herbalist. We talk about Raven’s experience having painful periods, which led her on a path to understand her cycles, both physically and spiritually, which ultimately led her to empower herself with herbal and ancestral knowledge, unlocking her creativity.

Raven and I talk about the themes of the Empress card, accessing one’s fertile creativity, connecting to your womb space – which has no gender – as well as ancestors, dreams, and so much more!

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Now let’s get into the episode!


Grace Duong: Hello and welcome to the podcast, Raven.
Raven Rose: Yeah, thanks for having me Grace. I’m really excited about this.
Grace Duong: Amazing! So today we’re diving into the themes of the Empress card.
Grace Duong: Which represents the themes of Goddess energy, fertility, love, creativity, birth, and Mother Earth.
Grace Duong: I thought who would be better to talk to than my dear friend, Raven,
Grace Duong: Who I feel embodies goddess energy in her everyday life by prioritizing her rituals of rest,
Grace Duong: cultivating creativity and finding purpose through her own pain of healing her womb.
Grace Duong: Raven, could you tell us more about how you started Moon Medicine,
Grace Duong: and how you were led on to this journey of healing your womb, and eventually
Grace Duong: offering your wisdom to others about how to heal theirs.
Raven Rose: Yeah, so first, I would say that my journey with… my journey has…
Raven Rose: womb healing has been a big part of it, but…
Raven Rose: womb healing has really been more of a catalyst for deeper self exploration and
Raven Rose: really tapping into my spiritual journey and being an active participant in my spiritual journey.
Raven Rose: so I really appreciate everything that I’ve learned from my womb healing experiences.
Raven Rose: but ultimately they’ve fueled me on the bigger spiritual journey, and that’s kind of like the…
Raven Rose: That’s been more of the focus of my life when I look back over all the things that I’ve done to
Raven Rose: connect with my womb space, balance my menstrual cycle and all of that.
Raven Rose: And really, that’s how Moon Medicine started.
Raven Rose: Was me exploring how to heal myself because I tried to do the medical route when I didn’t have an idea of
Raven Rose: what to do about my cycle when I was experiencing a lot of menstrual pain.
Raven Rose: And so the menstrual, the medical route took me down a path of dealing with the really damaging effects of
Raven Rose: hormonal birth control, and not only physically but emotionally and mentally.
Raven Rose: and once I realized the impact that that had on me, I…
Raven Rose: basically separated from it completely and decided to just take my own path.
Raven Rose: And that was when I really drove into nutrition and meditation and
Raven Rose: all the things that have become a really big part of my life now,
Raven Rose: and also led me down a path of studying women’s herbalism and ethnobotany
Raven Rose: going to the Ucatan and studying womb massage, and also doing a year of herbal field studies
Raven Rose: and actually going out into the field and connecting with plants,
Raven Rose: and also going into the Amazon and living in the Amazon to become a Kamba practitioner, where I lived for a month.
Raven Rose: and so I had all these really amazing experiences that were part of my womb healing journey,
Raven Rose: but in the bigger sense, they were part of my spiritual journey and my journey of life.
Raven Rose: And that’s how I created Moon Medicine.
Raven Rose: Was basically, I forgot about that part going on this journey of…
Raven Rose: Yeah, doing all these explorations into herbalism and womb wellness.
Raven Rose: That is how Moon Medicine started. I actually didn’t have any intention of starting a business,
Raven Rose: but I had gone so far down the path and learned so much that people were starting to approach me for
Raven Rose: guidance on how to balance and heal their menstrual cycles.
Raven Rose: And also because I incorporate a lot of ancestral work in my womb healing,
Raven Rose: Because the two are, so… they’re completely intertwined.
Raven Rose: It’s kind of hard to do womb work without also doing ancestral work.
Raven Rose: So that was a big part of what I brought into my business as well.
Grace Duong: That’s awesome! So I just wanted to back up to give people context into why you started Moon Medicine.
Grace Duong: Because I know your story, but listeners do not.
Grace Duong: So, from what I understand, you started Moon Medicine from your own pain of experiencing menstrual pain. Is that right?
Raven Rose: Um, yeah, I had really painful menstrual cycles for a long time, and I had to find my own way in healing.
Raven Rose: because the medical world didn’t really have a solution for me, and ultimately what it came down to was
Raven Rose: finding my own path, finding my own way, working with herbs, working with meditation, which has been,
Raven Rose: I would say, one of the biggest healers for me, and dealing with pain was a pretty big catalyst for the journey that I took.
Grace Duong: Great! You were speaking about ancestors, and I was wondering how you incorporate your connection to your ancestors
Grace Duong: and what wisdom that you’ve gotten from your ancestors over the years.
Raven Rose: Yeah, so my ancestral work, I would say, really…
Raven Rose: I started getting a lot of messages from my ancestors when I was younger, in my dreams, and…
Raven Rose: when I really dove into ancestral work more as an adult was when I was at a point in my healing journey
Raven Rose: of trying to get rid of menstrual pain, I got to a point where I felt like I had done everything I could.
Raven Rose: I didn’t really know what else to do. I had gone from ten days of pain down to like two and a half days of pain,
Raven Rose: but it was still really really intense and so I tried to ask for help and asked for guidance.
Raven Rose: I needed some more clarity on how to actually clear the pain that I was still dealing with and I didn’t have anywhere else to turn but to my ancestors.
Raven Rose: So I was already working with herbs a lot and making herbal smoke blends and herbal incense blends,
Raven Rose: and that really helped me to kind of open up that connection.
Raven Rose: I was also doing a lot of getting back into dream work in a really big way because dream work was really big for me as as a kid growing up,
Raven Rose: and so I got back into dream work and just asked my ancestors to help me to guide me
Raven Rose: and they came through in a really big way through my dreams. And then as I started learning Tarot. Actually…
Raven Rose: I was trying to read all the books and learn about the cards, and eventually I started doing readings for my family
Raven Rose: and my dad told me that my great grandmother also used to read Tarot, and one of my aunts also used to read Tarot.
Raven Rose: And so, when I learned that, I reached out to them through dream work,
Raven Rose: and received so much guidance from them about how to…
Raven Rose: how to read Tarot, how to work with energy, how to dig deeper into plant medicine and dream work.
Raven Rose: and the relationship that I have with my ancestors has just blossomed ever since.

Another clip
Grace Duong: So I was wondering whoever wants to connect to their ancestors through dream work. How would they go about that?
Raven Rose: Yeah, well, I would say definitely start with just opening that connection verbally, maybe creating a sacred space for yourself
Raven Rose: where maybe you have, maybe one evening you basically create a little ritual around incorporating the elements.
Raven Rose: That’s one thing that was really important for me when I was first starting out with connecting to my ancestors.
Raven Rose: I would always have a cup of water near my bed. Usually a plant of some kind, and with the plant that you choose,
Raven Rose: you can choose whatever really really speaks to you, because usually whatever it is that really speaks to you, whatever you most gravitate towards
Raven Rose: That’s something that you have an ancestral connection with.
Raven Rose: So, I would say, go for like a glass of water or plant that can represent the element of earth.
Raven Rose: Water obviously represents water. Having a candle, but making sure that you’re blowing that out before bed.
Raven Rose: And then your voice would be the element of air, and asking your ancestors for guidance,
Raven Rose: asking them for just to make themselves known in your dreams.
Raven Rose: I would say do that for a span of time You know, make it a true ritual.
Raven Rose: Maybe you do this for three nights in a row, or for seven nights in a row of just opening that dialogue,
Raven Rose: speaking to your ancestors, talking to them like you would talk to a close friend
Raven Rose: and sharing with them what’s happening in your life, and then paying attention to your dreams to see what symbols show up for you.
Raven Rose: Symbolism is so big when it comes to ancestors for me. Because I come from two lineages of spider women.
Raven Rose: Spiders have always been a part of my dreams, and whenever I have big dreams with spiders,
Raven Rose: It’s always at this really important time in my life when things are shifting and changing and it’s kind of like their way of saying:
Raven Rose: “Hey, connect with us. We’re here to help guide through this big transition.” So pay attention to any of those symbols that come through
Raven Rose: and also pay attention to any other patterns that you notice. If you notice that in each of those dreams you are in water.
Raven Rose: That’s a really big symbol for an emotional connection or spiritual connection,
Raven Rose: and that’s something that you can pull from your dreams into your day to day life to then start exploring.
Raven Rose: Maybe working with water in different ways, maybe doing some kind of practice with water.
Raven Rose: Maybe you’re doing herbal baths or working with herbal teas?
Raven Rose: And that could be a pathway for you to further export your ancestral lineage.
Grace Duong: That’s amazing. There’s so many tid bits that you said that are sparking these lights that are going off in my brain.
Grace Duong: But I love that you learned Tarot from your ancestors and that they gave you tips through your dreams,
Grace Duong: and that you’re able to have such a strong connection to them through your dreams. and when you’re talking about spiders
Grace Duong: in the Cosmic Creatures deck, I remember writing about how spiders also weave webs.
Grace Duong: And so essentially you’re also creating stories together with your lineage through these webs
Grace Duong: and stories that you’re spinning and currently spinning.

Grace Duong: Yeah, that’s amazing. So how do you feel that your ancestors are guiding you forward to what you’re being led to now?
Raven Rose: Yeah. this has been really, because I’m at this point of transition in my life where I’ve been re focused on my artwork and music,
Raven Rose: and now it’s been kind of a really big shift to look at my priorities and what’s actually driving me
Raven Rose: And I think for me being able to understand myself on a deeper level really requires me to reach out to my ancestors.
Raven Rose: and ask them for guidance. This is something that I’ve always kind of done where
Raven Rose: if I feel blocked or if I feel like I’m ready for a new path. It’s kind of like I have to
Raven Rose: go back to where I came from in order to know where I’m going next, so connecting with my ancestors now is like it’s such an important part of my life with where I’m at.
Raven Rose: In order to take steps on a new journey, because I’ve been having lots of spider dreams lately and lots of spiders showing up in my life.
Raven Rose: Randomly spiders in my car while I’m driving and I’m like:
Raven Rose: “Okay. This is definitely a sign that there’s a big transition coming.”
Raven Rose: There’s a lot of guidance that my ancestors have for me.
Raven Rose: And it’s interesting because at each stage of life and each part of my journey,
Raven Rose: there are different ancestors that can show up, at this stage of my life yhat I’m stepping into.
Raven Rose: Now I have ancestors that are showing up that were with me when I was very young
Raven Rose: and I was more connected to music. And as I’m stepping into art work and music more and more, the quality of the dreams have shifted a little bit,
Raven Rose: and the guidance that I received has shifted more,
Raven Rose: because I have just a different set of ancestors that are showing up for me now.
Grace Duong: That’s beautiful and I love that you essentially have a spiritual team guiding you forward,
Grace Duong: and different ancestors are appearing for you, depending on what your needs are in the moment.
Grace Duong: And so I feel that whoever is listening, to also not be afraid to ask for help, and to be open to who comes forward,
Grace Duong: but also to clarify, to call in your most benevolent ancestors. You know, people who, or spirits who have your best interests at heart.
Grace Duong: I wanted to also tie in the Empress card, because the Empress is very much rooted in Earth energy,
Grace Duong: and ancestors are rooted in Earth energy as well. I mean in the spiritual realm, too, and I love that ritual you had mentioned that
Grace Duong: combines the four elements of Earth with the plant. And you also mention that whatever plant you’re drawn to,
Grace Duong: typically you have an ancestral tie to. Water, which relates to your emotions.
Grace Duong: Air, which is your voice and breath, and also essentially comes from your ancestors too.
Grace Duong: And fire, the spark that can transcend, can burn what no longer needs to be there,
Grace Duong: but also can be a source of connection to bring you to a new phase of life.
Grace Duong: What rituals are you drawn to nowadays?
Raven Rose: Yeah, so I actually wanted to tap in on what you said before about calling who you’re calling in as far as ancestors,
Raven Rose: and then I’ll jump into the rituals that I’m connected to now.
Grace Duong: One of the things that I have noticed in the journey is that
Raven Rose: it’s really important to, of course, to be mindful about the energies that we’re calling in,
Raven Rose: but also to remember that the energies that come in are going to be connected to what is happening within us.
Raven Rose: And if there is some kind of imbalance within us, we’re naturally going to attract some external energies that match that.
Raven Rose: Yes, it’s important to ask for our ancestors who have our highest and best interest in mind,
Raven Rose: but also to be aware that if there is some kind of disharmony within us, or if there’s something that needs to be healed.
Raven Rose: Oftentimes, it’s the ancestors that can reflect that energy back to us. That can also help and be a part of that journey,
Raven Rose: and with the assistance of those more helpful and loving and benevolent ancestors.
Raven Rose: Yeah, so that’s one thing, and then, as far as my current rituals…
Raven Rose: Lately it’s mostly been focused on artwork. I have always been really drawn to just the creative process and what that looks like,
Raven Rose: and I’m right now working on what the creative process looks like for me.
Raven Rose: and I’m also someone who likes to study, and learn, and take all the courses, and do all those things.
Raven Rose: but I found for me right now what’s most powerful is connecting to those creative processes and practices that are really truly my own and come from my own essence.
Raven Rose: So my daily ritual. One of my biggest daily rituals is a morning meditation. I meditate every day.
Raven Rose: I’m meditating for, now eight hundred and two days in a row at this point, and…
Raven Rose: Meditation has brought me much closer to my creative energy and my own creative expression.
Raven Rose: So that’s a really important daily ritual for me. Also, I love to work with herbs. I work with herbal teas a lot.
Raven Rose: I often will do a practice where if there’s a particular herb that’s really calling out to me from my meditations,
Raven Rose: like lately it’s been milky oats or oat straw. I’ve been working with that in a more
Raven Rose: like regular basis, so I’ll work with an herb for like a full moon cycle, or for just a span of time that
Raven Rose: it’s really calling out and speaking to me, and then just pay attention to the insights and the wisdom that I get from
Raven Rose: from working with that plant, and what I feel most drawn to in my day to day life, and how it helps me to navigate my life in a different way.
Raven Rose: For me, lately, it’s been about breaking out of old comfortable patterns and stepping into new ways of living and being.
Raven Rose: My rituals have… my main ritual, which is meditation, has been like the guide for me to explore new ways of living.
Grace Duong: That’s amazing, so I also wanted to go back and clarify about the benevolent ancestors.
Grace Duong: I’m very much a believer that inner reflects outer, and so, I totally agree with you that
Grace Duong: whatever needs to be healed or whatever is coming forward is present for you in the moment.
Grace Duong: I feel that in connection to ancestors, and to the intention of calling a presence in,
Grace Duong: whether it be an ancestor, or a guide, or whatever you want to call in. I think it’s nice to add in that extra word.
Grace Duong: to be intentional about what you choose to call in, and whatever is reflected in the external world doesn’t necessarily
Grace Duong: have to be an ancestor per se, but can play out as a situation or a person that you meet in your life.
Grace Duong: Or you know something that feels like a karmic relationship or something like that.
Grace Duong: So I think that the lessons that we learn in our lives can expand beyond our ancestors, but…
Grace Duong: I think the practice of using specific words can be helpful because words are spells.
Raven Rose: Yeah, I totally agree, words are really really important. What the words that we say to ourselves,
Raven Rose: the things that we call into our lives, how we think about ourselves. It’s all very very important to the journey.
Raven Rose: A big part of my journey has been really being mindful about my words and how I am
Raven Rose: speaking about myself and how I’m speaking about others and just having that awareness. That self awareness is so important.
Raven Rose: Because it can be easy if you haven’t learned to pay attention to how how we’re speaking about ourselves or things like that.
Raven Rose: That we can call in things that we don’t necessarily want.
Raven Rose: So yeah, absolutely! It’s so important for the journey to have that self awareness of how we speak about ourselves,
Raven Rose: how we speak about others, what we’re calling into our lives. And that’s actually been a really big part of of this transition for me,
Raven Rose: and you know this, my daily rituals and practices and just observing my daily life
Raven Rose: and being mindful of how I speak about myself, but also the people that I have around me
Raven Rose: And this is why I think we get along so well because we’re both really mindful about our words and how we speak, and…
Raven Rose: lately I’ve had to cut some people out of my life that do not have that same awareness
Raven Rose: and it’s kind of challenging, but also really important part of the journey because
Raven Rose: how we speak about ourselves and how we speak about others is the life that we create for ourselves.
Grace Duong: And ultimately we have a relationship with ourselves through the end of time,
Grace Duong: and the people that come in and out of our lives are often reflections of how we choose to love and treat ourselves.
Grace Duong: And I think that’s very Empress energy of cutting people out that aren’t necessarily vibrating at the level that you want to vibrate at.
Grace Duong: And sometimes it can feel very confining because your soul wants to evolve into a new level of expression.
Grace Duong: And I think that’s something about the Empress card that is so powerful that there’s this birthing cycle.
Grace Duong: There’s expression, there’s creativity, and so I was wondering what does the creation process
Grace Duong: look like for you in how you’re exploring it and coming into a new phase of expression for yourself.
Raven Rose: Yeah, for me, it’s very cycle based. I really do connect with my the phases of my menstrual cycle to…
Raven Rose: it’s just a part of how I express myself and I’m very much aware of how the phase that I’m in can impact the medium that I work through.
Raven Rose: How it can impact the type of just the energy that is coming up through my artwork.

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Raven Rose: So for me, connecting to my menstrual cycle is really, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say it’s an essential part of my life, because it’s just my life.
Raven Rose: It’s just how I live. It’s just how I operate is through my own cyclical nature, which is really important for me because I…
Raven Rose: I’ve been in periods of time like many people have, where I was not connected to those phases of my cycle,
Raven Rose: and that brought a lot of health issues. So for me right now, for example, I am my ovulation phase,
Raven Rose: which has been a really powerfully creative time.
Raven Rose: During this time, I cannot start my day unless I create something, unless I put some kind of artwork on to paper.
Raven Rose: So that’s really important for me, and then like through the phases of my cycle, it depends on where I’m at.
Raven Rose: Some phase, like in my follicular phase, I’m much more about, kind of like this playfulness and curiosity.
Raven Rose: I can maybe dive into learning a new style and exploring that.
Raven Rose: Whereas in my luteal phase, I’m more focused on the finer details of my art work.
Raven Rose: That’s kind of when I go back, and will put finishing touches or add second or third layer to a piece.
Raven Rose: Just kind of get into more of the details of the work, and as I’m approaching menstruation,
Raven Rose: I just noticed that there is a shift more away from water color as my main medium to music and song.
Raven Rose: So, I kind of just allow myself to flow through the phases of my menstrual cycle for my creative process.
Grace Duong: I love that! I love that because on a micro level, you’re really checking in with yourself
Grace Duong: and the cycles that you’re going through within your own body.
Grace Duong: and then on a macro level there’s also the cycles of Earth, with seasons changing, and…
Grace Duong: every year we know what’s coming, and I mean, like winter, spring, fall, summer, not in that order,
Grace Duong: But there is change. There’s a constant cycle of change that we as humans experience,
Grace Duong: and sometimes I think people are afraid of change, and I feel like from knowing you, you’re someone that welcomes change.
Grace Duong: You’re someone that really wants to grow, and you’re always developing yourself, And I also feel like that’s
Grace Duong: another reason why we get along so well and so I’m wondering what would you say to anyone who is resisting change?
Raven Rose: You know, actually, this has been in my mind lately that It can be really…
Raven Rose: Paying attention to when you’re feeling really comfortable and just knowing that like being in a comfort zone
Raven Rose: doesn’t really get you the kind of experiences that you may want to have in life. And I feel like, for so many people,
Raven Rose: I hear my elders, my living elders talk about how you know life goes by so quickly, and maybe they’re feeling disappointed about certain aspects of life, and
Raven Rose: when I hear them speak, I just immediately think of the fact that a lot of times when people feel disconnected from
Raven Rose: getting to the later stages of life, it’s because they missed out on things that they wanted to do, and things that they wanted to experience.
Raven Rose: And I have so many elders that look at me In my path, and they’re like; “Oh, I want to do that! I wish I could do that.”
Raven Rose: I think it’s really important to be mindful of the comfort zone,
Raven Rose: because that’s what keeps people where they are doing what they’re doing the same thing day in and day out,
Raven Rose: and being okay with being uncomfortable and going outside of the comfort zone
Raven Rose: is such a great practice for exploring yourself and for being able to embrace change
Raven Rose: and it doesn’t have to be this big, huge thing of like completely changing everything in your life and
Raven Rose: doing things that make you super, just out of sync with who you are, but it can be smaller things, like
Raven Rose: trying a different place in town, going to a workshop that you wouldn’t normally go to.
Raven Rose: Meeting a different group of people, connecting with different kinds of people doing small things that
Raven Rose: maybe don’t seem super big at first, but they’re just out of your normal routine, can be such great ways to
Raven Rose: just experience more of life and get to know more of yourself as well,
Raven Rose: because every time we have these experiences we are meeting ourselves in a different way
Raven Rose: and experiencing ourselves in a different way, which is such a wonderful catalyst for change, because it’s like;
Raven Rose: “Oh, well, that wasn’t so bad! That was actually interesting and fun, and I could probably do something like that again.”
Raven Rose: or maybe something a little bit different, and that just kind of creates this chain reaction of
Raven Rose: stepping a little bit further outside of the comfort zone each time.
Grace Duong: That’s beautiful. So some thoughts came up of integrating habits, helpful habits that support you in your life.
Grace Duong: And what I feel from you is, you now have created a habit of meditation, of connecting to your art work through water colors
Grace Duong: I think, integrating habits in a way where it’s supporting your life style but also who you’re constantly becoming
Grace Duong: and when you’re talking about comfort zone. that could also kind of be classified as something within your comfort zone.
Grace Duong: However, I’m wondering what the divide is or what the overlap can be between
Grace Duong: helpful habits in your comfort zone, and what the difference is between the two?
Raven Rose: Yeah, like for example, with my meditation practice, it’s always different even though it’s a daily practice.
Raven Rose: That could be almost seen as like a comfort. It’s always pushing me in a different way.
Raven Rose: it’s something that when I go to my meditation it’s not always easy.
Raven Rose: It’s not always something that I want to do. It’s not always something that feels nice and comfortable.
Raven Rose: A lot of times it doesn’t. and so having that as a daily routine
Raven Rose: For me, meditation actually does push me out of my comfort zone. It’s much more comfortable to not look inside than it is to look inside,
Raven Rose: so every day with meditation I’m looking deeper and deeper within myself before going out into my world or in my day.
Raven Rose: So yeah, that’s something where it’s really any kind of introspective practice.
Raven Rose: Anything that helps you to look deeper within yourself is something that will ultimately,
Raven Rose: It’s like pushing to the edges from within. That way, I can push to the edges in how I live my life.
Grace Duong: Yeah, and it’s always so revealing when you do that work for yourself.
Grace Duong: whether it’s meditation or journaling or pulling cards.
Grace Duong: I think just the willingness and openness to explore those parts of yourself are very brave.
Raven Rose: Yeah, and it’s really powerful to experience deeper and deeper levels within.
Raven Rose: It just really can transform anyone who’s feeling stuck or not ready for change.
Raven Rose: I would say, meditation or any of those introspective practices would be really helpful for seeing a big change in life.
Grace Duong: Amazing. So the Empress card has a lot to do with birthing a new project.
Grace Duong: Sometimes when the card pops up, it can also indicate a physical birth of a baby.
Grace Duong: And so I was wondering how much fertility has been a theme for you or not been a theme for you within your own exploration of your menstrual health.
Raven Rose: Yeah, well, fertility is more than about being able to make a baby. It’s connected to our creativity.
Raven Rose: For example, I do breath work practice that is focused on cultivating the energy from the ovaries,
Raven Rose: which is that energy of fertility and energy of creation, and beyond making a baby.
Raven Rose: Fertility is connected to our creativity. While you don’t need to be in your menstruating years, and ovulating to be connected to your creativity.
Raven Rose: It is a really big source of energy for our creative growth and expansion.
Raven Rose: So yeah, fertility has always been a part of having a healthy menstrual cycle.
Raven Rose: In order to have a healthy menstrual cycle, we need to be ovulating regularly and menstruating regularly,
Raven Rose: and so fertility is just a sign of our health and our well being.
Raven Rose: Whenever we are going, if someone that does go through a period of time where they are not ovulating.
Raven Rose: Maybe they’re not, Because if you’re not ovulating, then you can’t menstruate.
Raven Rose: So if you’re going through a period of time when your menstrual cycle Is off, and you’re not menstruating,
Raven Rose: then that’s saying that something is out of synch. Something in your life, whether it’s externally or internally is out of synch and causing an imbalance.
Raven Rose: And that is a sign that something needs to be done. There’s needs to be a change. Something needs to be brought back into harmony.
Raven Rose: and a lot of times it’s going to be from the inside out, finding peace and harmony within.
Raven Rose: What is going to help us to balance our nervous systems and regulate our hormones, so that we can have peace and harmony in our menstrual cycles.
Raven Rose: and I oftentimes see like, in my practice, a lot of people who have in balanced mental cycles in our external world as well,
Raven Rose: and are having trouble with fertility, are also living really imbalanced lives, which stems from inner disharmony,
Raven Rose: because again, it’s that as above, so below as within, so without where whatever we have happening internally within us
Raven Rose: can have such a big impact on how we experience our cycles, and how we experience our lives.
Raven Rose: So fertility is like this very physical, but also kind of cosmic way of letting us know that
Raven Rose: something is out of harmony within our bodies, and in our lives.
Grace Duong: I love that explanation because the menstrual health is an indication physically of where you can be at if you have a female body, health wise.
Grace Duong: However, that’s also in a lot of ways symbolic of; “Are you taking care of yourself mentally?”
Grace Duong: “Are you taking care of yourself spiritually?” In what ways are you nurturing yourself?
Grace Duong: if you feel like you’re in creative rut, or if you feel like you’re blocked in some way like writers block, or…
Grace Duong: you know not developing, I would say, supportive practices that then get you into a creative state.
Grace Duong: to then earth, that big project. if you have one.
Grace Duong: So a lot of it is, I would say, nurturance of oneself.
Raven Rose: Yeah, absolutely and beyond the menstrual cycle. Anyone, everyone has a womb space.
Raven Rose: It doesn’t. The womb space is more of an energetic space, rather than always being a physical space, so regardless of someone’s gender,
Raven Rose: they can connect to that creative center and nurture it and cultivate it. And it’s something that Is really important for our spiritual growth
Raven Rose: and because it’s also about accepting all of who we are, and a lot of times,
Raven Rose: for example, I’ve worked with a lot of male clients as a kambo practitioner, and it’s always something that tends to come up
Raven Rose: where womb health is not just about the menstrual cycle, it’s also about the energetics of how you’re connected to your creative canter.
Grace Duong: I really love that. I love that because I think most people, including myself thought about the womb as a physical space in my feminine body.
Grace Duong: However, we both integrate masculine and feminine energies,
Grace Duong: and I feel like a lot of the imbalance could be having too much of one,
Grace Duong: or just running off. like for example, I think for a long time I was like running off a lot of masculine energy, and just like
Grace Duong: doing a lot of things, producing a lot of things, making a lot of decks. and that is tiring.
Grace Duong: After a while, you know, you get burnt out and part of bringing back that feminine energy of nurturance,
Grace Duong: or even just letting yourself rest and diving into the cycles that are present for us,
Grace Duong: you know, it’s every day we follow a cycle as well, you know, we wake up when the sun rises, depending on your schedule,
Grace Duong: and then most of us tend to sleep at night when the sun sets, and the moon is present for us in her majestic beauty.
Grace Duong: And so I almost, because as a person who has identified with my creativity for so long,
Grace Duong: there was a part of myself that really resisted like habits or supportive habits, or
Grace Duong: you know, I almost didn’t want to be tied down by them.
Grace Duong: But something that I’m realizing more and more is that there are certain structures that can help us feel more free in our lives,
Grace Duong: and to feel more balanced, and to integrate our energies in ways that help us become
Grace Duong: the version of ourselves that we want to be in our present day lives.
Raven Rose: Yeah, absolutely.
Grace Duong: So if it’s all right with you, we can wrap up our conversation with some rapid fire questions.
Raven Rose: Sounds good.
Grace Duong: Cool. So what is your sun, moon, rising?
Raven Rose: Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, and Libra Rising.
Grace Duong: How do you feel about that combination?
Raven Rose: Oh, I absolutely love it. I feel like having a… I actually have a stellium in Gemini, Sun, Venus, North Node and Chiron, all in Gemini.
Raven Rose: And it’s such a nice… I love, I mean,
Raven Rose: I know that I came into this world at the perfect time to have this combination because
Raven Rose: it’s so complimentary to have all of this air, Gemini air energy, But then also this Libra Rising
Raven Rose: kind of like balance energy, and this is something that has been with me. I mean, obviously my whole life,
Raven Rose: but I often am seen someone who brings a lot of balance to conversations to interactions and things like that which I absolutely love!
Raven Rose: Cancer Moon has been a learning experience, for sure. I feel like for a lot of time, my moon being in cancer meant a lot of
Raven Rose: Almost like a feeling of obligation to service to serve others, rather than really supporting myself in the ways that I need to be supported.
Raven Rose: So that has been a learning experience for me with my business and how that has evolved.
Raven Rose: But ultimately it’s been a really great combination and I’ve really just enjoyed having all this air energy.
Raven Rose: I mean, obviously with Gemini, and with also having Venus and Gemini,
Raven Rose: it just makes all of these learning experiences that much more beautiful for me.
Raven Rose: So, that’s been nice having that ruler, my 1st House ruler with my Sun.
Grace Duong: Love it. What are some of your favorite rituals for connecting to nature?
Raven Rose: Oh, that’s a good one. You know, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite right now because I’m so Gemini and I’m always changing,
Raven Rose: but I do right now. I’m very much looking forward to spending time outside as the seasons are changing,
Raven Rose: and having that like bringing my my paint outside. I guess that would be something that I’ve done in the past as well,
Raven Rose: but I’m really looking forward to seeing the new blossoms on the trees and being able to capture that through my artwork,
Raven Rose: and connecting with nature in that way through.
Raven Rose: I’m kind of just like being able to express the energy and voice of nature in my artwork.
Grace Duong: Amazing.
Grace Duong: I had another question. Sorry, kind of just floated out of my brain.
Grace Duong: Would you like a Tarot reading?
Raven Rose: Yeah, that would be awesome.
Grace Duong: Amazing. What would you like to focus on today?
Raven Rose: I guess I’m really curious about my… just the energy of this next chapter that I’m moving into.
Raven Rose: Yeah, so maybe just like a general for the spring, summer, kind of energy.
Grace Duong: Awesome! Okay, so I’m shuffling the cards and I’m going to pull three cards to check in on Raven’s upcoming spring energy.
Grace Duong: So I pulled the Emperor, Eight of Wands reversed, and King of Pentacles,
Raven Rose: Interesting.
Grace Duong: Yeah, and Raven reads Tarot as well, so she knows what all of this means.
Grace Duong: But what I’m getting from the Emperor is you’re really becoming the authority in your own life, and you making the rules and the structure
Grace Duong: in a way that really serves you and your life style. So there’s no one you know hanging over your shoulder like you are the boss,
Grace Duong: and you also have a big picture vision of how you want to see your life unfold.
Grace Duong: What the Eight of Wands is telling me is that there’s no need to rush with any of this,
Grace Duong: and there’s very much a beauty in the unfolding of divine timing, and that everything will reveal itself in time when you’re ready.
Grace Duong: When you know whoever is supposed to come in is ready. Basically there’s just like seeds being planted for spring that will blossom,
Grace Duong: you know in the summer, and I think there’s just a lot of things that. even taking your own pace is a form of rebellion,
Grace Duong: you know, and very Emperor that you’re not going to budge for anyone else in this next phase of what you’re building in your life.
Grace Duong: And then the King of Pentacles. I feel like it could mean a couple of things.
Grace Duong: I feel like someone could be coming in, someone that you’re interested in, who has King of Pentacles qualities,
Grace Duong: but I also feel like you’re embodying more of that of those qualities yourself, of being like the master of your material gains,
Grace Duong: and really becoming confident with all of the magnetism that you’re able to attract just by being yourself and also doing it on your own terms.
Grace Duong: Did you watch the Super Bowl, by the way?
Grace Duong: Well, in the half time show, Rihanna performed this year.
Grace Duong: Yes, and I loved it because she just did her thing at her own pace. You know, she didn’t really have to dance too much
Grace Duong: Because she’s Rihanna and she just set that tone and I feel like that’s very much the energy of this reading.
Grace Duong: That you are the boss of your life. You get to set the rules, you get to decide, you get to move at your own pace,
Grace Duong: at whatever pace that is, and through that you’re like attracting more luxury, you’re attracting more opportunity,
Grace Duong: you’re attracting more, just more! In a way that feels really good to you, and I feel like because you’re attracting from that energy
Grace Duong: of feeling really stable within yourself and feeling really confident in just overall, loving yourself to a point
Grace Duong: where you don’t really need it from the outside, but you’re attracting it
Grace Duong: because you’ve cultivated that relationship with yourself, so it’s becoming effortless.
Raven Rose: I totally, that totally resonates. That was beautiful. Thank you.
Grace Duong: Yeah, definitely.
Grace Duong: Yay! So happy for you.
Raven Rose: Yeah, I’m really excited. That definitely just give big confirmation for me of the next steps that I’m moving into in life.
Raven Rose: And really, yeah, just being able to own it and kind of cultivating things in the way that makes sense for me.
Raven Rose: I love it.
Grace Duong: Beautiful! Raven, thank you so much for joining me. I’m so grateful for your presence.
Grace Duong: I feel like you just have a natural lilt and a natural way of speaking about things that makes it easy for people to understand,
Grace Duong: and also this connection to your ancestors and also the earth. I feel like it’s a really beautiful way to connect to
Grace Duong: almost like a rebellion in choosing one’s self or choosing one’s history or choosing, you know, where we come from in nature.
Grace Duong: So thank you so much and I just wanted to ask you. Where can the listeners follow up with you?
Raven Rose: Yeah, so my website is
Raven Rose: I’m also on Instagram @moonmedicines
Raven Rose: and you can go through those channels to find me on Youtube. My Youtube channel is also @moonmedicines
Raven Rose: But yeah, that’s the best place to find me and honestly, this has been so much fun. I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you.
Raven Rose: And just like all the explorations that we got to dive into today were really beautiful.
Grace Duong: Agreed, thank you so much, and talk soon.
Raven Rose: Okay.


Thanks so much for tuning into today’s episode with Raven! Raven embodies the Empress energy so beautifully and I’m so grateful she was able to share her magic with us today. From healing her pain to purpose, to connecting to your room space aka your creative center and unlocking your creativity – I’m wondering – what parts of this interview most resonated with you?

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