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Hello, I’m Grace, the creator of Mystic Mondays, and welcome to this week’s Mysticscopes, the week of May 22nd, 2023. Gemini is a mutable sign and hence Gemini season is a time of flexibility and change. In the northern hemisphere, we are ushering into summer and it’s a great time to follow your multi-passionate curiosities.

I have a Gemini rising and I am totally buzzing with new ideas and how I can follow what I’m lit up by. Allow yourself to feel what excites you and don’t be afraid to follow that feeling. Please like and subscribe to this YouTube channel, and if you’re listening to the podcast, follow along. Links will be in the show notes.

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✨ Collective Card Reading from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck

Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck

Today we will be using the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck, written by Alana Fairchild, last week’s podcast guest, with art by Autumn Sky Morrison. Let’s see what card pops up.

We’ve got Inner Trust, which is a very High Priestess theme. And funny enough, this card is number two in this deck, which is also the number of the High Priestess. So I am going to read from this Sacred Rebels Guidebook to see what this card means for us as a collective.

Inner Trust. Though it may be cloaked and hidden within you lies and. Natural magnificence, vibrancy, and true uniqueness, the harder this is for you to believe, the more growth this Oracle is offering you now, your opportunity for growth lies in letting go of the need to hide yourself from the world and to let go of any doubt about the wonder of what lies within you. This Oracle brings you the message that it is time for you to trust yourself and let the real inner you out from behind the veil. You are being assured that you can trust your intuition and your own sense of things. Sometimes what you sense will be love and you will open your heart and move easily towards a source of that love, be it in the form of another person, a new career path, a project which you care deeply about and want to pursue, or a spiritual or creative practice that you are keen to explore.

Sometimes what you sense will be more challenging than this and will ask something different of you. It might be that you sense fear and sabotage lurking within someone’s intentions or in the situations around you. This Oracle asks you to trust yourself to find the most authentic and self-loving way to deal with that. Perhaps you have drawn this card because you are unnecessarily holding yourself back out of fear or a lack of belief in your ability to support and care for yourself or in the importance of your need for self-expression in your relationships.

The Oracle of Inner Trust comes to you with this guidance. You know what you’re doing. You have enough wisdom and intuition to be able to place yourself more fully in the world, to take steps to unhide yourself even if you feel you have no clue about what is happening at a broader level in your life. Even if you can’t quite see the whole picture of what is taking place within or around you. You still have all the wisdom and intuitive ability You need to take one step at a time and navigate your way through absolutely anything that life brings to your door. If you have been thinking of taking a leap of faith and doing things differently, whether in your personal life or your creative work, then this Oracle brings a particular message to trust your instincts and go for it.

This Oracle comes at a time when the patterns of your life are shifting. You can take advantage of this shift and leap into an entirely new level of consciousness and experience. This is not a time for self-doubt or playing small. It’s a time to get in touch with the courage, boldness and daredevil within, and to take that step big or small into the future that is beckoning you forward. You have the wings to fly. Sometimes we don’t realize it until we leap over the edge of what we have known and begin to soar into a new life.

Beautiful. And that is it for the collective card reading. If this reading resonated with you, leave a comment and please like this video.

Alright, so onto the Mysticscopes. Before we get started, I wanted to make sure you knew how this works. I’ll be pulling one card for each Zodiac sign from one of the Mystic Mondays decks. You can click on the timestamp below for your sign. It’s recommended that you check out your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign.

Now, let’s get into it!


♈ Aries: King of Swords

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Aries, this week you’ve got King of Swords. King of Swords is all about mastering your mental clarity and activating your intellectual strengths. This is also about objectivity and having discernment with making your decisions. So when making a decision, this will be a great time to detach from your emotions and not let your heart get in the way of whatever decision you wanna make. You wanna make sure that you approach your decision making with logic, and the King of Swords is here to guide you through that process. It’s also about taking a research driven approach, so making sure that you have lots of sources to draw from when making your decision.

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♉ Taurus:  Tanzine Aura Quartz

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Taurus, you’ve got the Tanzine Aura Quartz from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck and this card symbolizes enchantment, cosmic alignment, and alchemy. Taurus, the Tanzine Aura Quartz is a sign that you are bringing equilibrium into your multi-dimensional states, meaning balance. This is most definitely a great way to incorporate the spiritual energy through your crown chakra into your body. So having a synergetic relationship between your body and spirit, this is a reminder that your body is divine and to treat your body as a cherished place of rest and to treat your body like a temple. If there are any new rituals or routines that you would like to introduce into your life to help you cultivate the relationship between spirit and your body, this is a great time to do so.

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♊ Gemini: Zebra

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Gemini, you’ve got Zebra from the Cosmic Creatures Deck, and Zebra symbolizes individuality, being bold, and breaking rules. The zebra is all about standing out and a reminder that your precious gifts are what make you unique. So whatever makes you an individual and standout is an important time. So whatever you think makes you. Stand out is something to focus on during this time. Definitely be clear on your boundaries and speak up for what you need. The Zebra is also about making their own rules as they go. So even if you don’t know what the next thing is or exactly what needs to happen, you can decide as you go along. This is great for Gemini season, which is all about being flexible in following your curiosities, so find that unique thing that lights you up and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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♋ Cancer: 9th House

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Cancer, you’ve got 9th House from the Astro Alignment Deck, and this card represents philosophy, spirituality, and knowledge. This is a great time to pursue any 9th House interests. Which can include advanced learning, so another degree or a course that is allowing you to up-level your skills, philosophy, so any spirituality and the pursuit of knowledge. This is also a great time to follow any curiosities around travel, exploring culture that is outside of your own and foreign lands, so perhaps international travel. This card is. All about expansion and the ninth house is encouraging you to expand beyond what you have known. This is a great time to follow your higher truth and to unveil your true self through these learnings.

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♌ Leo: Ace of Pentacles

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Leo, you’ve got Ace of Pentacles, which is all about manifestation and making these opportunities into a reality, into a physical reality, because this is all about the physical plane when it comes to Pentacles. So with the recent New Moon in tourists, this is all about planting seeds as well. So whatever intention you set during that New Moon, the roots are starting to form and take place. Trust that you are being nourished, that your seed is being nourished, and that you are attracting the resources that you need for this new intention to come to life. This is also a card about using your common sense when planting your seeds, so just make sure that you approach your manifestation with some tangible practicality as well.

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♍ Virgo: Charoite

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Virgo, you’ve got Charoite. Which is from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck, and this card symbolizes bonding, acceptance, and service. This card is all about living in the present, so if your mind has been distracted by external forces, this is a great time to take a breath and to really feel into the moment. So grounding yourself in the moment and grounding your thought. Thoughts in grounding your body into the environment. This is also a reminder to let go of expectations so that you can fully accept the moment for what it is and to learn to enjoy the moment that you are living versus what you have been picturing. Being present will help you shift out of any old programming that is blocking you from moving forward. That way, by being present, you are integrating a new way of being. Processing a new way of introducing gratitude into your present life. Charoite is a great reminder to shift perspective, to face your fears and to live your truth.

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♎ Libra: Shark

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Libra, you’ve got Shark from the Cosmic Creatures Deck, and this card symbolizes power, being a risk taker, and putting the motion in the ocean. This is all about taking a chance and making a calculated risk. So if there is something that you’ve been waiting on to do, this is a great sign to take action in the direction that you want to go in. Trust your gut instincts. The shark is also a reminder to let out any pent up emotions so that you are not storing it in your body. If you take action in the direction of your dreams, the universe will meet you halfway. So go ahead, take that step.

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♏ Scorpio: Libra

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Scorpio, you’ve got the Libra card from the Astro Alignment Deck, and this card represents diplomacy, harmony, and balance. This is a great time to explore Libra traits, so how to introduce equilibrium into your life. Is there anything where you are seeking justice and to balance the scales. This is a great time to reflect on what you stand for, as Libra has a very aesthetically pleasing eye. This can also be a great time to spruce up your space and to add those Libra qualities around your environment. Also, since Libra energy is all about giving and receiving in relationships, this could be a great time to think about how you contribute to a relationship and what the giving and receiving energy is there.

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♐ Sagittarius: The World

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Sagittarius, you’ve got The World card from the Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck and the world is all about completion, achievement, and reaching your goals in a way that is full of potential and expansion. The World is all about celebration. So are you celebrating yourself for the achievements that you’ve accomplished? And even though the world typically indicates a larger goal being reached, this is a time of completion and that you’re ready to move on to the new chapter. So celebrate yourself, small or large, any way that you can. The vibration of celebration is very powerful, so the more you celebrate yourself, the more celebrations that you can call in.

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♑ Capricorn: Obsidian

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Capricorn, you’ve got Obsidian from the Mystic Mondays Crystal Grid Deck, and Obsidian represents shadows, mirror, and being amorphous. This card is a reminder that it’s time to do some shadow work and to face your fears and confront your shadows. So take note of anything that you’ve been triggered by recently because it is shedding light on what needs to be healed. Obsidian acts as a mirror, so whatever is being mirrored to you is revealing your deeper truth. So what lies beneath the surface? Obsidian is also a protective crystal, and you can use it to ground yourself and connect your base tracker back to planet Earth.

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♒ Aquarius: Panther

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Aquarius, you’ve got Panther from the Mystic Mondays Cosmic Creatures Deck, and this card symbolizes independence, power, and sensuality. The panther is a protector, so know that your guides are with you during this time, especially when we are ready to dive into the mysterious unknown. So you are not alone in this journey of discovery. This card is about courage as you face your fears and dive deeper into your shadows, uncovering truths that you may not have known before. Trust in yourself and your finesse to be able to make your dreams come into a fruition.

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♓ Pisces: Virgo

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Pisces, you’ve got the Virgo card from the Astro Alignment Deck, and this card represents being analytical, functional, and efficient. This is a great time to bring in more Virgo energy into your life, like structures and systems that can help you get organized. It’s time to look through every area of your life with a meticulous eye and to see how you can improve those areas of life with structure. It’s a great time to embody rituals around your health and ultimately your wealth. By paying attention to these details, you are painting the strokes for the big picture.

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